Commercial Interior Design: Thinking Outside the Box

By on November 1, 2014

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When you think about commercial interior design, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, it’s probably a drab, dull space filled with cubicles and lit by fluorescent overhead lights. Maybe it’s a bare-bones office packed with uninteresting, cookie-cutter furniture and artwork that looks exactly the same as what you’ll find in the next office… and the next, and the next.

People spend so much of their time at work– at least 40 hours per week or more—that our jobs and companies have become a huge part of who we are. That said, your company’s office space should be something stimulating that helps to reflect the kind of work that you do.The workspaces where you and your employees spend more than eight hours a day should foster creativity and productivity. Here’s a rundown of how you can create a more inspiring workspace.

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Thinking Outside the Box

If you run an extraordinary company (or are planning to in the future) and you expect extraordinary performances, not only from your employees but also from yourself, you need to create extraordinary workspaces. For that reason, more and more companies are learning to think outside the box when it comes to commercial interior design. Not only is this a great strategy for making your office space a more productive place, but it can also change the way everyone feels about their job.

Artistically designed spaces, creative lighting choices, and interesting colour palettes help make office spaces pop.Eclectic wallpapers or textured carpets are easy ways to make it feel as if you’ve just stepped into another world. Ditching those soul-sucking fluorescent lights for inviting track lighting or graceful, modern ceiling lamps can jump-start more productive and pleasant work days.


Colour Is Your Friend

One of the easiest tricks to set the mood of a given office space is to learn how to use colour to your advantage. Colour has been shown to have a powerful effect on people’s mindsets and energy levels. That said, the colours you select for your office space should be chosen with your end objective in mind.

Is your office the type of place where you want people to feel soothed and relaxed such as a doctor’s or dentist’s office? Pick a palette that features pleasing pastels or muted hues that people associate with serenity and wellbeing. Looking to create a dynamic meeting room that generates energy and gets people excited about taking on the company’s latest big account? Go bold and bright with red or leverage the revitalising power of complimentary colours (colours opposite one another on the colour wheel) such as blue and orange. Maybe you want to create a space that feels grounded and sensible? Classic black and white or a combination of beiges and browns can never go wrong.

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Choosing the Right Office Furniture

Far too many people pour a wealth of time and energy into designing a creative space only to fill it with boring, ho-hum office furniture that doesn’t keep the energy flowing. It’s vital not to think of your furniture as simply utilitarian. Instead, see them as finishing touches that will bring your incredible personal space to life. Take some time to really explore your options when it comes to fantastic picks in Melbourne office furniture. With unconventional, unique office spaces quickly becoming the order of the day, more and more modern furniture manufacturers are designing and selling truly fantastic options.

Look for items that seamlessly combine form and functionality. For instance, your choice in office chairs should certainly fit the feeling and colour scheme of the room, but it should be designed to promote productivity, inspiration, and good health as well. The same goes for desks and workspaces. Definitely take appearance into consideration, but the items you pick should also supply enough surface space, storage, and whatever else that may be needed.

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The Sky’s the Limit When It Comes to Your Office Space

There’s never been a better time to think outside the box in regard to your office. Top manufacturers of premium Melbourne office furniture such as Rosier Commercial Furniture have made it their mission in life to supply businesses, companies, and individuals of all types with signature items that are as functional as they are unique and beautiful. Look into your options today and create the workspace of your dreams.


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Commercial Interior Design: Thinking Outside the Box