YES, It’s Hot In Here!

By on November 1, 2014

By Scarlett de Bease−

It can be below 30 degrees outside and you have turned on the air conditioning full blast. You are a woman over 50 and you can feel the steam coming up around your face and neck even as you stick your head inside your freezer.

No matter how many times you ask, is it hot in here, you still will probably be the only one who feels the heat growing from within. You are hormonally challenged and those flashes are not luke warm, they are HOT and very real.

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So how does one handle hot flashes when in the company of others? Must you spend your free time alone, walking back and forth in the freezer aisle of your local supermarket? After all, you can’t strip down in public to make a statement about your exaggerated condition.

When it comes to knowing what to wear, I go for layers…and lots of them.

  1. Consider wearing sleeveless tops under long sleeve or jackets. Use all your summer tops in the winter, so when you peel away, you won’t risk getting arrested for indecent exposure.
  2. Add a scarf. This accessory instantly ‘winterizes’ your outfit, and can quickly be whisked off as soon as prickly hot tingling starts to pierce your skin.
  3. Avoid wearing sweaters as your first layer. You’ll have no option to peel off a layer of clothes, and you will end up having to sit and soak in sweat when you are in public.
  4. Don’t wear turtlenecks or other tops that ‘choke’ the neck. Think how guilty you will look, tugging at your color like a married man trying to explain where he was all night.

Like waves in an ocean, hot flashes come and go while often knocking down your spirit.

Here are two resources to help you cool off day and night:

Coldfront, a personal cooling kit offers you up to 12 hours of relief, as you need it. For nights, try Soma Pajamas that look good while wicking away moisture from your skin.

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YES, It’s Hot In Here!