Break Out of Your Beauty Rut – Tips for a Beauty Overhaul at 50 Years Young

By on August 22, 2017
Break Out of Your Beauty Rut - Tips for a Beauty Overhaul at 50 Years Young

Stuck in a beauty rut? Have you been feeling unsatisfied with your hair, or the increasing lines on your face? So we are older and we should have self-acceptance down to an art form. But that doesn’t mean we need to settle for routines or styles that no longer suit us. They may have worked when we were 30 but they may be a detriment instead of a compliment at 50. 

Our bodies, faces, and lifestyle changes are often subtle after the 40-year mark. But what might have worked for you at 30 may no longer work for you at 50.

The sign of a person who will be forever young is someone who is willing to let go of what isn’t working and move on to something that does.

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If you want to look better than you have in a while, read on for steps you can take to help you give yourself and your beauty sense a makeover.

  1. Talk to a personal shopper.

So you have clothing pieces that you cling to. Your comfort clothing items that hide all the bumps. It can be hard to move past what you feel are your staple pieces in your wardrobe. Your family and friends likely know better than to make it an issue. You won’t get an honest evaluation from them. Your best bet? Hire a personal shopper to help you build a wardrobe that will flatter who you are right now. Find someone whose job it is to make you look fabulous.

  1. Reconsider your face.

Have you been adverse to getting work done on your face? Perhaps the most you have dabbled with is Botox. Consider getting a Face Lift consultation. The point here is to not rule anything out. Quality work on your face can give you the incentive you need to take better care of your body. And that kind of mentality shift makes surgery worth it for that alone.

  1. Toss out your old make up.

Anything that is so old you don’t remember when you bought it. Because our skin type changes as we age, what used to work before might be contributing to a dull skin look. Experts suggest using a lighter foundation with a dewy base for those over the 50 mark. This gives your skin a fresh look. Try a CC or a BB cream. Avoid powder-based foundations. Be willing to experiment until you find something that you love. Life is too short for tolerating anything less.

  1. Treat your skin.

Skin gets a bad rap as we age. We complain about wrinkles, age spots, and sag, but how much have you done to treat it right? It’s never too late to start pampering your skin the way that you should have years ago. Go to the spa. Get that facial. Splurge on sheet masks. Your skin will not be the only thing that will improve–your attitude toward yourself will change, too. Treating yourself right and making your needs a priority is a lesson many of us learn too late in life. Now is the time to embrace indulgences!

  1. Reconsider your hairstyle.

When was the last time you considered changing your hairstyle? A full makeover would not be complete without reconsidering your crowning glory. Getting a new hairstyle or hair color can help you shed years in ways that little else can. If you’ve always colored, consider going white. If you’ve always had long hair, consider getting a pixie do. The point is, you don’t need to resign yourself to a hairstyle that is only so-so. The right hairstyle can highlight your best features.

When you take care of your appearance, you will make more of an effort to make healthy choices in other areas of your life. What might seem like a surface approach to aging with grace contributes to helping you live a healthier life.

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Break Out of Your Beauty Rut – Tips for a Beauty Overhaul at 50 Years Young