Returning to Your Summer Home

By on August 22, 2017
Returning to your Summer Home

Having a holiday home is a wonderful way to get some sun when the weather at home might not be as nice. Even though it means looking after two places instead of one, you can still make time to keep it clean and get it ready for each season.

Putting everything away for the winter months might seem like a lot of work, but how you open it up and prepare it for summer is also as important. Here are some tips to getting your holiday home ready for the sun.

Letting the Good Air In

When you first arrive after winter, it’s probably going to be a bit stale and musty inside. It is the perfect opportunity to open all the windows and let the fresh air inside. You want to make sure that all the stale air is released and also allow the house to breathe.

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Try to create a draft so that you can air all the rooms at once – many Florida summer homes have been built to encourage this, and it will save you time while you freshen the place up.

Refrigerators and Freezers

You may have had these appliances turned off during the winter, so you need to make sure they are working and clean. Wipe the inside out with a mild detergent or bicarbonate of soda and make sure no mold has formed. You can also vacuum the condensing coils behind the fridge to clean away any dust or dirt that might have built up.

Once they are clean and dry, you should turn them on while you are there to make sure they are still working properly. Run a load or two of ice through the ice maker to ensure good ice for the rest of the summer.

Doors and Screens

Once you start using your summer home, you don’t want to be worrying about insects coming into the house. If you have screen doors, check to make sure they are still in good order and make any repairs.

You also want to oil the hinges and make sure the latches work and do the same for any window screens. If you don’t have any screens, now might be a good time to fit them before they’re needed during the summer.

Air Conditioning

Similar to the fridge and freezer, you need to check to make sure your air conditioning is working properly after the winter break. It means that if you find a problem, you can book an air conditioner repair before you return for the summer.  There are many companies such as Adams Air Conditioning that can come out quickly to fix your air conditioning unit. They can also perform a service on the unit to make sure it is ready to go.


If you have packed away any linen overwinter in your holiday home, you will need to get it out and aired. It will bring the freshness back, and you can check to see if any need to be cleaned again.

With these things completed, you will soon feel like you can spend those lovely summer days in your home away from home.

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Returning to Your Summer Home