4 Ways to Beat the Heat and Look Fabulous This Summer

By on July 15, 2017
4 Ways to Beat the Heat and Look Fabulous This Summer

Are you the kind of person who loves the summertime heat? Or are you the type who can’t wait for cooler days? Prepared or not, the hot days of July and August are here. And even for diehard summer heat enthusiasts, staying cool during the summer is a universal priority.

Want to find out how you can breeze through this year’s summer looking and feeling great? Here are some of our best picks from readers and experts!

  1. Go short.

A short haircut is not only a smart choice for Dame Judi Dench. But it might just be the smartest move you make this summer. Having a shorter haircut can accentuate your features and help with some typical age-related hair problems.

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Even for those growing out their hair, a little snip might be for the best. According to Elle.B Hair Salon, a popular Denver salon, “Your hair will grow anywhere between a 1/4 of an inch to an inch per month depending on the person, which means the longer you wait to get a haircut the more breakage will travel from the ends up the shafts of the hair. The more often your hair is cut, the less hair has to come off in order to stop the breakage from traveling up. Regular haircuts allows your hair to grow longer!”

  1. Go with breathable fabrics.

We all know to wear lightweight and breathable fabrics to help beat the heat. But what exactly should you be looking for when reading clothes tags? Look for cotton, chambray, rayon, or linen. These fabrics allow air to move through the fabric and around your body. Which creates an air-conditioner-like feeling that you won’t be able to get enough of.

Build an elegant summertime wardrobe for yourself based off these fabrics that will make you appreciate summer in a whole new way. Your body will be cool and you’ll look it, too.

  1. Become an H20 nut.

We all know we should be nailing our water-drinking habit. But during the summer, it’s even more important to step up our game. As the temperatures rise, our bodies begin to sweat more, which causes a greater amount of water loss than during other seasons. Being properly hydrated is not only essential for the working of your body’s functions, but it also goes a long way in achieving radiant skin.

Let’s face it… Without someone handing us a glass of water and telling us to drink it, most of us rely on our thirst response before we’re prompted into action. But by then, it’s already too late. Thirst is one of the beginning signs of dehydration.

Set up a water-drinking alarm on your phone. Or drink up to half your water quota in the morning so that you get most of it down before your day begins. Drinking room temperature water also allows you to drink more at once than drinking ice water.

  1. Invest in smart cover ups.

Has summer become that time of year that you stay inside and pull the blinds? Or where the mall has become the only other place you spend time at, outside of your house?

Protecting yourself from sun exposure is serious business, but you don’t need to curtail your fun in the process. You can prevent sunburn, keep to walking your favorite nature trail, and look stylish while doing so. Now is the time to explore hats, sunglasses, scarves, sun parasols, and other chic cover ups. When browsing for the perfect item, pick out something you can’t wait to put on. That will show you you’re on the right track. Summer fashion is all about being adventurous and departing from old fashion habits. Keep in mind, when picking out hats and scarves, that lighter colors absorb less heat.

Summertime doesn’t need to be a waiting game for fall. These moves can help you enjoy what the season brings–all while feeling less hot and more chill.

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4 Ways to Beat the Heat and Look Fabulous This Summer