8 Tips On Birthday Invitation Cards, Cake, Decorations and Gifts!

By on September 24, 2019

Is your kid’s birthday coming up soon? Are you planning on throwing a party? Well, look no further. We have compiled a list of some important tips that can help you with your task!

The Fun Begins with Cake

Let’s be honest, the best part about any birthday is the cake! Every kid’s eyes scan the room for the cake, and the cutting of this main attraction is usually the highlight of the evening. So you obviously have a tough decision to make when it comes to flavor, color, and cake decorations.

Our tip would be to stick with a flavor your kid likes but is also favored by the guests. This can be a bit hard, especially since all the flavors in sample tasting seem too good. But in the end, you should pick something common like chocolate, vanilla or cheesecake.

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And as for the icing, go with the theme, explore different colors and decorate with a sweet wish! Icing can be any flavor your child loves. Toppings can include sprinkles, fresh fruits, chocolates, or coconut.

In case you’re running low on budget, you can bake a classic two-three layered cake at home. We do recommend baking a round-shaped cake, however, since it’s easier to decorate!

Stick With a Theme

Birthdays should be exciting, yet relatable and special to your child. And a great way of entertaining this idea would be having a themed party. If you opt for a theme that relates to your kid’s interests, it’ll make the day a hundred times more memorable. 

Picking a theme might be easier than sticking with it, however. For that, we have a few tips to share!

  • Get in touch with your guests first, see if they can coordinate the children’s attire with a theme.
  • Consider a theme that your budget can facilitate.
  • Choose a cake before decorations, so you may adjust your ideas.
  • Try finding a coordinating dress for the birthday boy/girl!
  • Have a few party tricks and games.
  • Putting up decorations after having made all arrangements.

A few unique theme ideas are medieval or renaissance parties, detective parties, science fiction parties, and activity-based parties that let kids do something fun and educational, such as arts and crafts, cooking, experiments, gardening, or ice skating.

BirthdayGo For a Fun Venue

Done with the theme? Time to pick a venue! Restaurants are generally more popular, thanks to food service and ease of reservation. Other common picks are Backyards and Hotel Ballrooms, which are generally low-cost.

If you’re looking for a unique venue, you can go for;

  • A Barn that coordinates with a camping theme.
  • A Cruise for an extravagant party.
  • A Gaming Area with paintballing, laser quest etc for kids.
  • A Water Park for a fun summer party.
  • An Ice Cream Parlor.
  • A Festival or a Carnival going on in town.
  • A Picnic Area.

Buy a Creative Gift

Shopping for the right gift can also be hectic, as toys can go for quite expensive. Our personal opinion on buying a gift is that it really doesn’t matter what the cost is; as long as the gift is true to the theme, a fun activity, and a solid interest for your kid.

Some brilliant gift ideas would include:

  • Art easel and paints.
  • Dress-up costumes and fashion kits.
  • Robotic cars or rockets.
  • Barbie dollhouses.
  • Playtime tablets.
  • Musical instruments like a keyboard.
  • Quiz books and sticker books.
  • Cartoon or superhero figurines.
  • Puzzles, legos and building blocks.

Make a Guest List

One rule of throwing a birthday party is never leaving things for the last second! Making a guest list beforehand helps a ton. You can call your kid’s friends, know your relative’s schedule and arrange refreshments, dinner and decorations accordingly. Having a specified number of guests is important to pick a venue of the perfect capacity as well.

BirthdaySend Out Proper Invitations

Our final thought would be to send a proper invitation. Sure, you can call your guests to know their availability, but sending an invite beforehand would definitely pique their interest in attending. A physical invitation card is far more welcoming than a simple text! And while finding a birthday invitation card that matches your theme seems difficult, we have a perfect solution in the form of a Basic Invite!

What’s Basic Invite?

Basic Invite is an online website where you can find hundreds of invitation card templates, customize them with colors, materials, wishes etc and have them printed! They have a wide collection of event cards, ranging from surprise party invitations to kids invitations.

Here are a few key points that make them stand out:

  • Bright Colors

That’s right! Basic Invite offers about 180 different colors to match every theme! You can change the color of any element on the card and edit the text as well.

  • Number of Envelopes

Basic Invite makes sure the birthday invitation card looks appealing before it’s even opened! With around 40 colors of envelopes, you can match any element on the card!

  • Different Materials:

Basic Invite also offers different material options for paper such as Smooth, Matte, Shimmer etc. And if you’re feeling extra, you can opt for a Foil Card or Wood Invitation.

  • Free Samples:

Basic Invite is one of the few sites that offers completely free samples of your chosen material, template, shape, and colors!

An amazing opportunity!

Basic Invite is offering a 15% discount with the code 15FF51 which you can avail right now!

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8 Tips On Birthday Invitation Cards, Cake, Decorations and Gifts!