Pool Party Must-Haves

By on June 18, 2019
Pool Party

It is summer time, and many people are anticipating warm weather. With sunshine comes the chance to spend more time socializing as well as becoming one with nature. A common and enjoyable thing to do would be attending or throwing a pool party. It’s a way to get your friends and family to come around as well as have more fun that you’ve had in a while. If you decide to go ahead and put your pool party together, there are key things you’re going to need. Keep reading to discover some pool party must-haves.

A Great Playlist

One characteristic of a great pool party is good music. There is something about the right songs on a sunny day that can help lift moods and brighten the atmosphere.

When putting together a playlist, be sure to include a range of different genres so that you can meet everyone’s musical preferences. You could create a playlist of your own using Spotify or iTunes. If you’d rather use a preset playlist, consider getting one from either of those platforms or YouTube. In case you need some inspiration, you can head online for the best tracks to listen to right now.  



In order to get the music going, some quality speakers are a must. More specifically, look for wireless outdoor speakers that you can easily use to play music from your phone, tablet, or any other compatible device. Some other features your speakers should have seeing as you’ll be using them at a pool party are being waterproof. The last thing you want is to find your speakers are water damaged after one too many splashes.


Without food, you may find that your pool party isn’t as unforgettable as it could be. You should, therefore, make arrangements for a decent amount of food and drink beforehand. Plan for a variety of finger foods as well as a light lunch to keep people nourished after swimming. Examples of great food for a pool party include fruits, grilled chicken, as well as sandwiches. Here are more specific food hacks you can try.

  • Make Individual Snack Bags: To keep all of the food neat and away from the water, why not separate them into sack bags? For example, you could separate your popcorn, trail mix, and chips so that people can grab whichever one they prefer.
  • Put Side Dishes in Jars: Instead of using big bowls for side dishes like salads and coleslaw, try small jars instead. This way it stays covered and fresh throughout the day and it’s easy to consume and cover.
  • Serve Cocktails and Mocktails in Juice Pouches: To make it easier for people to grab drinks and go, why not give it to them in juice pouches? This also means they can easily sip in the pool if they desire so.

Pool Toys

Aside from getting a great playlist and speakers, you should also buy pool toys to add to the fun as well. This could take you back to childhood days when you had big rubber ducks floating in pools. The good thing about these toys is that they’re relatively affordable to buy.

Examples of popular pool toys are the watermelon ball, the Fin Fun mermaid tail, a pool volleyball set, or gobble bobble guppies if young children will be swimming. You could also look into getting pool games to keep everyone interacting too.

Beach Towels

Seeing as you’re going to be busy in the water, another essential for the party is beach towels. Try checking online for discounted towels so that you can buy a couple at once. Seeing as some guests may end up forgetting there’s as a host, you want to be able to provide some if the need arises.


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Pool Party Must-Haves