The Best Gardening Tools to Invest in This Summer

By on August 3, 2020
Gardening tools

Our backyards provide us with a space to escape when we’re feeling overwhelmed. They boost our mood and return us back to nature when modern life is stressing us out. Therefore, it’s important to care for your backyard and make it the best resting haven that it can be. Few factors enable us to take care of our backyards more easily — for example, investing in good gardening tools.

Often people make do with cheaper alternatives that make them more prone to back and wrist ache. When you become a more seasoned gardener as well, your tool collection will grow. While you could probably get by with just three basic tools, they’re not the most efficient for every gardening job.

So, if you are looking for the best gardening tools to invest in, look no further! Here we mention the best types of equipment that you should purchase when updating your backyard this summer season.

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  • Secateurs

Secateurs are an important tool for both seasoned gardeners, and beginners. A good pair of secateurs, also known as pruning shears, will be able to both snip at delicate plants, as well as hack away thicker branches. Moreover, cutting away dead stems will encourage growth, meaning that your backyard will be blooming just in time for the sun. 

  • Digging Fork

One type of garden fork that you should invest in is a digging fork. A basic garden fork, more like a pitchfork, will help you scoop up a large heap of mulch or compost to spread it around the backyard or turn and mix compost piles. However, a digging fork has four to six tines that are flat, with no curvatures, and used for digging instead. These digging forks are especially useful when you are digging into a compacted, clay or rocky bed.

  • Log Splitter

If you’re reliant on firewood at home, especially during summer when you are tending to the fire pit in your backyard, you should invest in a decent log splitter. Not only is it a lot cheaper to purchase your own splitter than to rent one over the years, but a small up-front cost now will help you save lots of money later down the line. Put some useful research into the best log splitters and find one that is suited to your budget.

  • Gardening Gloves

Often, people are unsure if it’s worth it to invest in gardening gloves. The answer is yes. Without a good pair of gloves, you run the risk of catching a nasty infection, as well as opening yourself up to all sorts of cuts and scrapes when working with thorns and other sharp gardening tools. A good pair of gloves can also protect your hands from sunburn, allergies, and accidentally coming into contact with unpleasant chemicals like pesticides. Furthermore, there are gardening gloves out there than can also protect your hands and wrists from being strained from over-exertion!

It is incredibly beneficial to invest in good gardening tools this summer. In the long run, you will make your money back. Moreover, good quality gardening equipment also means that your backyard will be easier to maintain and much more enjoyable completing even the most mundane of tidying tasks!

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The Best Gardening Tools to Invest in This Summer