How to Become a Car Hobbyist After Retirement

By on November 19, 2020
after retirement

Age doesn’t matter when it comes to pursuing your interests as a car hobbyist. What counts is your love and passion for operating the motor engines and the excitement you feel behind the steering wheel. Think about how you felt when opening the door for the first time, or kindle the memories of how it felt igniting the engine to your favorite machine on day one. If all you remember is feeling overly joyed and adoring the moments, let’s go ahead and learn how to nurture the hobby lying inside after retirement.

Learn About Cars

Learning is everything, and it never stops. To be good at anything, put extra effort into learning its basics from different sources, and perfecting your skills. The rule applies here too. Endeavor to learn at least a new aspect daily about cars. Exhaust YouTube videos, use Google stories, learn from mechanics, friends, service advisors, and anywhere else you can find relevant information. You can also join automotive forums and subscribe to car magazines. 

Similarly, spend much of your time on showrooms, especially the big car shows that are not limited to a given era or brand. Take test drives and learn about the basic functions of the car operations. Focus on what happens inside the engines, valves, the four wheels, pistons, crankshafts, camshafts, the drive train, and everything else. 


This move is a great way to learn about different car models, the difference in their operations, and what makes each model unique. Before you know it, you’ll be so rich in knowledge and one of the go-to car advisors.

Find Your Dream Car

Now you know how different models work and have the basic knowledge of the different aspects of each. The next step is narrowing down to your favorite car type and learn as much as you can about it. Check around you and notice the most common brand. Find out why it’s more common and evaluate if it’s the right brand for you. If it doesn’t suit you, follow your interests and go for what makes your heart leap in joy. When purchasing your first car, it’s best to avoid the huge and the most expensive brands because they won’t give you the necessary experience that you need at the start.

A BMW, an Audi, or a Corvette will inconvenience you at the learning curve since they’re mostly computerized and will automatically correct most of your mistakes. A better choice is a nice economy model with rear-wheel drive and manual transmission. 

Be Your Mechanic

Part of gaining knowledge about how cars function and being a good driver is learning how to fix it yourself. Learn how to add exhaust headers, better shocks, sway bars, a cold air intake, and better brake pads. If you want to get your hands dirty on your first brake job, consider high-quality brake manufacturers like StopTech. Being the mechanic of your car will give you a beautiful experience as you see and witness every level of upgrade and learn more as you take every step. 

Google, Youtube, and car TV shows are some of the good avenues to learn about the basics of repairing cars. You can subscribe to ChrisFix, Scotty Kilmer, and EricTheCarGuy’s youtube channels as they have tons of car repair videos.

Car TV Shows, Magazines, And Automotive Forums

Learning never stops, and you also need to fuel your motivation and urge as you move ahead. Car TV shows like the PowerBlock are good places to keep learning about specific car models and their mechanics. You can also consider subscribing to car magazines like MotorTrend, Car and Driver, Car Throttle, and many others to learn and perfect your skills. 

Reading thousands of car magazines talking about cars aged five to 15 years will equip you with knowledge about the aspects of previous and current cars.

Motivation goes a long way, and hanging around people with the same goals in life may be the propeller you need. That’s why automotive forums are a good place to be for both information and inspiration. Learn from others who already have the hobby going, hang out with newbies like you, and encourage each other together.

Being a motorhead isn’t something tied to a certain age. Anyone at any age and race can make a good car hobbyist. We’ve talked about the best way to build your interests and create a new hobby. Now the next step is to take action and start with the best model you want. Some of the models you can experience include Chevrolet Camaro, Mazda MX-5 Miata, or Volkswagen GTI. The choices are limitless, as long as it meets your specifications.

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How to Become a Car Hobbyist After Retirement