3 Hobbies You May Want to Pursue

By on December 30, 2019

Hobbies are one of those things that everyone is aware of. We all generally understand how beneficial they are, but we don’t necessarily pursue them. If you have kids, you probably encouraged them to pick up hobbies when they were young but didn’t really give it much thought outside of that. Now that you are a woman in your 50s and life is hopefully slowing down a bit, with less stress and less responsibility on your plate, it’s time to start thinking about you and your needs. In other words, now is the time for you to pick up a hobby.

To help motivate you into picking a hobby, here’s a look at three you may want to try.

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Take Up Painting

One of the most relaxing things you can do is to take up painting or drawing. Not only is it great for your creative mindset, but it helps to keep your fine motor skills in tune, which is often needed as you age. If you have never painted before, a good first step would be to enroll in a local art class. Many towns and cities have senior centers with classes available. You could try out a few sessions so you can start to learn the basics.

With this hobby, you don’t need much in terms of material and startup items – you can build a very basic art kit and build on it as your hobby grows.

All-Things Car Related

Then there is the category of cars. Whether you want to learn more about how they operate, how they are built, or you just want to trick out a car and make it completely customized – becoming a car buff could be the hobby for you. Once you start along this path, be prepared to become fully immersed, as there are car-themed shows, events, tours, and even vacations that you can take part in.

Many people that pursue this hobby like the idea of rebuilding a car and really making it unique. That could be from swapping out the fabric on the seats, to changing out the motor, upgrading the wheels, and adding instruments like a tricked-out tachometer. It’s a hobby that is extremely versatile and can really let you get your hands dirty – literally.

Bird Watching Allows You to Connect with Nature

Hobbies are meant to be a calming activity, and there is nothing more calming than connecting with nature. Bird watching allows you to do just that, whether you choose to hang some feeders in your own yard and watching from the windows, or you take your hobby a little further and visit parks and open nature to check out the wildlife.

In terms of what you’ll need to start with this hobby, you’ll need a great set of binoculars, a bird-watching book/guide with pictures of the various species, and you may want a notebook and camera to keep track of the various sightings you encounter.

A Small Look

This is just a very small look at some of the many hobbies you can pick up once you are in your 50s. And there is no reason to stop at just one; you can pursue as many paths as you like!

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3 Hobbies You May Want to Pursue