Planning an All-Day Hike in Your 50s

By on November 19, 2020

Going on an all-day hike is a fun and exciting way for seniors to stay healthy. However, it’s imperative to plan accordingly, especially for those 50 or older. Failure to do so could result in a dangerous situation unfolding in the middle of nowhere.

The following are six tips for planning an all-day hiking adventure in your 50s:

Know Where You’re Going

If there’s a trail map, bring one.  Remember to follow signs and keep your bearings. Pack a compass. While your smartphone might get service in the event of an emergency, there’s no guarantee. Preventing disaster on the trail starts with knowing where you are at all times.

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Bring a Walking Staff

You’re going to need a walking staff when you go out on your hike. There are a lot of reasons you’ll need this. For one, these sticks can help keep you balanced. Rugged terrain isn’t as flat and standard as pavement. There are mounds, divots, and obstacles to worry about. The right walking stick can prevent you from tripping as you walk through nature. As a bonus, a good walking stick can also give you a bit of protection. Hopefully, you won’t need to scare any wildlife away, but anything could happen out there.

Pack Plenty of Water

Okay, another thing to take with you on your all-day hike is plenty of water. The body needs more water when you’re going to be active. You don’t want to hold your water bottles in your hand as you are hiking. You’ll need to store water bottles in wearable soft-sided coolers to help prevent heatstroke and dehydration. These are real dangers that could make things unpleasant, and no one wants that. Dehydration, especially extreme dehydration, can make someone delirious, and it may even cause you to get lost.

Wear the Right Footwear

There’s no way around the fact that you’re going to need excellent boots. These will do a lot for you on your hike. For example, your hiking boots should feel comfortable and should fit perfectly since you’re going to be walking for quite some time. These shoes should also be enclosed unless you want to deal with bugs crawling in there. It may be a good idea to get light-colored shoes so that you can see bugs as they crawl on you. Be sure to get shoes that have enough grip to give you balance on your hike.

Bring Snacks

You’re going to be out all day, and there won’t be a fridge or a restaurant nearby. This means your snacks have to be satisfying. You need to be pretty strategic about what you pack. For one, your food needs to be fresh, and that means dried foods. You want food that can give you energy without causing you to crash, so don’t bring too many sweets. Stick to nut bars and meat bars to keep you going. You could bring a trail mix or two, which could have a bit of dried fruit, and that should be more than enough sweetness since it’s natural.

Pack Personal Essentials

It’s essential to bring along the things you need. For example, if you happen to need glasses, then make sure you pack those. If you can, try to pack more than one pair, just if something happens to the first set. Those who use medications should make sure they bring those along because they may need them during the all-day hike. You also don’t want to forget any toiletries, bug spray, or anything else you consider essential. It’ll be a while before you’re back home, and you wouldn’t want to be without these things.

That’s it. These are the things you might need to take with you during your all-day hike. Make a list of what you need if it’ll make it easier to pack and stay safe during this little adventure of yours.

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Planning an All-Day Hike in Your 50s