Add Color to a Rainy Day: Even When the Sun Doesn’t Shine!

By on September 1, 2014

Ladies, it’s hard enough to look dazzling on a rainy day. The humidity flattens straight hair and curly-girls end up with hairdos as puffy as their pet poodles! But fashionistas, take heart. Don’t let your style suffer on rainy days. Fight back with color, and a fabulous raincoat and accessories designed to keep your mood sunny on the dreariest days.

Thanks to the latest fashion choices, drab weather no longer means having to wear boring, menswear-style raincoats. For example, Lorene Drabo, owner and designer at Pour la Pluie (that’s French for “for the rain,” ma Cherie!), hand sews and sells beautifully-tailored rainwear on her online boutique. The uniqueness of Pour la Pluie’s rainwear line lies in the selection of print fabrics ranging from whimsical to sophisticated, in a cut that flatters any figure.

Best of all, these coats are made of cotton fabrics that have been treated with a semi-gloss laminate overlay, rendering the fabric water repellant yet maintaining breathability.

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Still, need something to cover that bedraggled rainy day hairdo (or keep your hair from getting to that point in the first place? Luckily, Pour la Pluie has an array of colorful, coordinated rain hats to go with your chic new coat.

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And since no one wants to ruin their favorite footwear splashing through puddles, don’t forget to step up what’s covering your feet. Sophisticated slip-on from Loeffler Randall or stylish lace print options from Valentino will make you want to go out and not just sing, but dance in the rain!


Finally, we can’t forget that rainy day staple, the umbrella. Stash away your boring navy blue or black and break out an umbrella that’s as fashion-forward as you are. Check out the selection online at Bella Umbrella for inspiration, and you will find yourself hoping for a rainy day to show off your trendy new accessory!

There are so many options to look rainy-day stylish, say no to boring rain gear and oui to style that shines in any weather!

Laura Farmer is a freelance writer and marketing specialist who lives in Abingdon, Md., with her husband and two children.


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Add Color to a Rainy Day: Even When the Sun Doesn’t Shine!