Easy Ways to Show Off Your Personality with Color


September is all about fashion–fall collections, color, catwalks, and the September issue of Vogue (902 glossy pages thick!) so heavy you could bench-press it!

Whatever trends come and go with the passing seasons, my style of choice will always hinge on one simple thing: what makes me feel good about myself. It’s all too common to gain weight during perimenopause and menopause, but with regular exercise and eating Weight Watcher’s style, I’ve not only been able to keep off the weight — I feel better about myself and my health than ever before! (Here are some more tips on how to fight menopausal weight gain).

The lengths go up and down, the pants change from skinny to wide, but no matter what the experts say, I dress in what lifts my spirit and helps me feel confident, sexy, and self-expressive! Fashion lifts my mood and nourishes my soul. I love it! Fashion, style, and beauty add joy and wellbeing to my life. I think this TED series on beauty is perfectly on point.

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Want to show off your true you this (and every!) season? These colors will reflect every part of you!

Red When I’m in a super-sexy mood (thanks, hormone replacement therapy!), I love to play it up with a red, Jessica Rabbit number. Science says I’m not alone. A brand-spanking-new study published in Psychological Science shows that women are 3.5 times more likely to don red during the most fertile days of their cycle. Why? Because when women are ovulating (aka: more likely to get preggers), they crave sex. Goodness knows, I’m definitely not getting pregnant any time soon, but that doesn’t mean the ruby hue won’t get me some extra loving. Research from the University of Rochester has found that men are more attracted to a woman when she is wearing red. Guess what I’m wearing to date night with my husband!

Blue To me, there’s nothing more calming than the beach. The sand, the sunsets, and most importantly, the bright blue waves! So when I’m feeling ultra-cool and calm–or am just trying to take my anxiety down a notch, blue is the hue for me. Whether it is a blue dress or my favorite stretch blue jeans, the sky is the limit! Experts at the Utah Valley University even claim that just seeing the color slashes stress. I’d have to say, it works for me!

Yellow Sunny clothes = sunny personality! My mood just loves a healthy dose of yellow. Don’t be shy; try it out! I promise you won’t look like a walking, talking, banana. The key: keeping the color on top. It draws attention up to your gorgeous face! Try pairing a yellow shirt, jacket, or necklace with some equally fabulous blue jeans.

Fuchsia As far as I’m concerned, the brighter the better! Which is why fuchsia is my favorite shade of pink. Flirty, feminine, and full of fun, seeing myself in this color just makes me happy! Plus, it perfectly transitions from day tonight. Switch your oh-so casual sandals with some saucy heels and you’re guaranteed to stand out in any cocktail party’s sea of black dresses!

Orange A true statement color, orange is the new black. But all jokes aside, doesn’t wearing orange just make you feel peppy? It does me – that is why I chose to wear an orange jacket when I spoke at the Naval Base San Diego. Energized, creative, and open, that’s what I want to be! No wonder I am surrounded in a sea of orange! If going all in orange is a little brighter than what you are used to, then try adding a pop of orange to your accessories. After all, what’s better than an orange patent-leather purse? (If you find one, can I borrow it?)

We are beautiful on the inside and out–so let’s show it off this and every season! Our wardrobes provide the perfect vehicle to show the world everything we love about our personalities –and trust me, there should be a whole slew of things on your self-love list! So go out there and strut your stuff!

Remember: Reaching out is IN! Suffering in silence is OUT!

By Ellen Dolgen 


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Easy Ways to Show Off Your Personality with Color
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