Three Things You Can Use to Make Your Living Room Décor Unique

By on September 1, 2014

By Sophia Mann –

The living room is the center of the house. It’s where the whole family can gather and talk about things or engage in recreational activities. It is also the place where we welcome our guests to sit and feel comfortable in.

The interiors of the living room give others a sneak peek into our lives and the things that delight us. Of course, the living room should feel warm and inviting instead of being stuffed to the ceiling with the things you love.

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Here are three things you can use to make your living room look beautiful and unique in its own way.

#1 Souvenirs

If you have been and still are an avid traveler, you must have amassed a number of souvenirs. Don’t look on them as items to be stored away; they can have a special place in your living room.

Consider storing your little knick-knacks in memory jars. You can buy glass jars for as little as a dollar each. Fill the jars with your mementos and label them. The mementos could be anything- ticket stubs, stamps, stickers, seashells or sand that you collected from the beach. These jars can sit on your mantel or on the shelves beside the fireplace.

You can also buy bigger-sized plastic or glass baubles and fill them up with mementos. The baubles can be hung on to your Christmas tree during the holiday season. For a year-round display, get a shadowbox for your items. You can even place placards that state something about your trip under each item you display in the shadowbox.

If you have collected menus, maps, currencies and what not from all the places you have travelled to, you can have them framed as individual paintings. You can even create a collage and then frame it.

Maps, postcards, and brochures can be turned into coasters or canvas prints for a unique look in the living room.

You can also create a table-scape with your souvenirs. All you need is a table placed against a wall and some miscellaneous items to turn it into your living room’s focal point. Remember to add variety and contrast with the souvenirs you choose to display. The items must also show unity. Repeat a few items such as candelabras, vases, or pots.

If you love collecting seashells, you can display them in a large basket or dish on the center table. Extra large seashells can be displayed in book shelves too.

#2 Artwork

You may have spent days wondering how everything in your living room would come together. Whether you go for several paintings or make a statement with a single big-sized one, you can’t go wrong with artwork.

If you want to create an airy, uncluttered look in the living room, go for a large painting. You don’t even have to frame it to make an impression. With just one painting to choose, you can easily select one that matches the colors in your living room. Stick to neutral shades when selecting a painting if your living room décor is dominated by light colors. A painting in bright colors will look stunning if your living room interiors are done in shades of black, white, and grey.

If the wall above the mantel is blank, a collarection of framed art prints will look great. You don’t have to arrange them symmetrically. Create interest by arranging them in an asymmetrical fashion with a couple of large pieces to one side and the smaller ones on the other side.

If you have held onto your children’s artwork from decades ago, you can also display it in your living room. Perhaps your grandkids have presented you with their art on your birthday or other special occasion? You won’t have to worry about your living room end up looking like a kid’s bedroom if you display the artwork in the right way.

Be sure to invest in some quality frames. Kids’ paintings are generally never of the same theme and vary from each other in terms of colors, composition, and sizes. Buy frames that are of the same color or size so that you can make all the paintings look cohesive. Go for either black or white frames for each artwork. A bright frame or two placed strategically would be a welcome pop of color.

#3 Family Photos

Yes, you read that right. If you want your loved ones’ photos out in the living room, you can. Don’t pay heed to those who say that family pictures are to be displayed in the privacy of your bedroom. Just be careful to not overcrowd the living room with family pictures.

Your favorite family photos will not be of the same composition and will vary based on technology and color as well. They will have to be framed in a way that they flatter the living room décor. One trick is to digitally turn the images you want displayed in the living room to black and white. You can also go for sepia pictures. This will make the pictures look timeless and in sync with each other.

Alternatively, just go for similar frames as mentioned in the previous point. Frames of the same color but of different styles or sizes will look stunning. Be sure to plan the picture positions before you drill holes in the wall. A wall letter (the initial of your family’s last name) placed amid the photos will add a personal touch and help break any monotony.

Going overboard with trinkets or personal photos may not look good especially if you have a small living room. You want your guests to have just a glimpse of your life instead of putting all your belongings on display.

Keep things in moderation and entertain your guests heartily.


Sophia Mann writes on Home decor and design. Her interest in the visual arts developed early when she attempted to duplicate a drawing her brother had brought home as a school assignment. She has been fascinated with this medium of artistic expression ever since. She also paints in her spare time.

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Three Things You Can Use to Make Your Living Room Décor Unique