6 Popular Hairstyles for Women Over 50

By on October 5, 2015
Jamie Lee Curtis pixie cut

Women over 50 today, unlike our counterparts in the past who often resorted to getting perms and dying their hair an awful color to cover the grey, are having fun trying new edgier styles. Many 50+ women are choosing to wear their hair long and are going au naturel and look fabulous in grey with less damage to their hair caused by years of using harsh chemicals. The important thing is that you find a style that fits your face and that you love, short or long. Here are some fun hairstyles for women over 50:

1.     The Pixie

Whether you like it or not, short hairstyles are a classic option for women over 50. The pixie cut helps frame your face and helps highlight your best features. The hairstyle is low maintenance so you only have to get your hair trimmed every 4 to 6 weeks. Short hairstyles are sassy and can also include some fun colored tips to add a little spice.

edgy pixie2.     Super Edgy Pixie

If you are up for something a little bit more edgy and trendy, the super edgy pixie hairstyle is a great urban look. It looks even cooler if you keep your hair naturally gray. More women are embracing their natural hair color. Sticking to your naturally gray hair color saves you the time and money from dyeing your hair every month or so and from having frequent touchups.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

3.     The Bobthe bob

The bob is a classic style that has been popular for a long time now. An A-line shape and added length give your bob an edgier look. Bobs are great for fine and thin hair as it gives your limp hair an instant bounce. This hairstyle is not ideal for women with thick hair as it makes your hair look extra puffy or unruly.

4.     Wavy Lob

Long textured bob for a more contemporary look. You can give it a more edgy look by adding uneven piecey layers. However, you may want to go easy on the layers if you have fine hair. In addition, when you are in your 50s, your hairline starts receding from the front. A sideway part can help hide a decreasing hairline.

layered razor cut5.     Layered Razor Cut

The layered razor cut is popular has become more popular among women this year. The look is ideal for long hair but looks great with short and medium-sized hair has well. The stylist uses a sharp razor to chop the edges off at different angles.

6.     Marcia Cross Wavy Hairstylemarcia_cross_hair

The iconic hairstyle of the famous character from Desperate Housewives cannot be overlooked on our list of great styles for women over 50. The Marcia Cross wavy hairstyle is an easy go-to style for medium to long hair. Achieving this look won’t take as much time if you use a good rotating hairbrush. Just part your hair in the middle, use a blow dryer and some hair spray and you are good to go.

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6 Popular Hairstyles for Women Over 50