5 Jobs That Are Perfect For Part-Time Work in Retirement

By on June 3, 2022

A lot of people often equate retirement with being able to finally stop working, enjoying all their life has to offer and taking it easy. This is a common misconception because the reality is that retiring doesn’t always mean you will be able to halt your work-life balance. 

In fact, there are certain jobs that are perfect for part-time work so that retirees can maintain a balance between their work and leisure time.

Why Go Part-Time?

Quite often it makes sense to work part-time rather than give up work completely, but that doesn’t mean you always want a simple job. You should look for something that allows you to work on your own terms. Seek out a job where you can choose when to go in and how often, which will give you more flexibility. 

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If you are looking for part-time work because you miss the company of other people, here are some things to consider. 

  • Senior Carer

Working as a carer is rewarding and can help you build your resume. If that’s not your thing, consider working in an aged care facility or retirement village, as there are lots of senior living jobs available as well as many employers who will be looking for the right people. 

  • Office Environment Coordinator

If you enjoy organizing and staging events for companies, you could consider looking for a role where you can organize the office environmentYou will have to have good project management skills and be organized when it comes to time management, as well as be familiar with working with people. 

  • Teaching Assistant

Working as an academic support assistant can give you the chance to work in a school environment, which means you will be working with children and teenagers, who are often among the most motivated people in the world. The role of a teaching assistant is unique in that it gives you the chance to really get involved in education, as well as a chance to teach.

  • Office Administrator

Many employers will look for a person who is highly organized and knows how to work well with other people.  A good way to start your career as an office administrator is to get a job in an accounting firm or finance company where their operation support roles may have similar attributes. 

You could also consider recruiting agencies or call centers, as they often have vacancies where they require office administrators who are comfortable working on the phone and with people at all levels of the business.

  • Charity Store Worker

Working doesn’t always mean earning money, sometimes the chance to be around other people is good enough, and that’s where volunteering comes in. Volunteering at a store that is run for charity will give you the chance to be around many people and help them with their everyday problems. 

You could also consider working at a charity shop as they often need warehouse assistants who can organize items and stock things within their store.

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5 Jobs That Are Perfect For Part-Time Work in Retirement