10 Great Uses for CBD Oil at Home

By on June 22, 2020
CBD oil

The benefits of medical cannabis use have been paraded through the media for a long time, but many people don’t realize that most of those benefits can be enjoyed without intoxication if you invest in the right product. Why? The secret is cannabidiol or CBD. It’s one of the active compounds in medical cannabis, but unlike its cousin THC, it does not cause intoxication or euphoria. That means it can be used in situations where the intoxicating side effects of raw cannabis are unwanted or unsafe. Most CBD users report a relaxation that becomes light sedation at high doses, but it is not very intense. If you’re looking to keep CBD oil at home as a health supplement, here are 10 great things you can do with it to enjoy a healthier lifestyle.

1. As an Aid for Quitting Nicotine

Many people looking to cut down on or quit nicotine use find CBD an effective tool. So many that the Society of Cannabis Clinicians is now interested in doing controlled studies to quantify the phenomenon. Many anecdotal reports of CBD use in smoking cessation point to its ability to calm anxiety quickly and to relax the body, removing the tension and stress that often triggers for cigarette consumption and other forms of nicotine intake.

2. For Non-Intoxicating Pain Relief

Using CBD oil in addition to or instead of THC is very common for sufferers of chronic pain. Since it is non-narcotic, it doesn’t impair function at work or slow you down if you want to exercise. It does block pain about as well as the other major cannabinoid in marijuana, THC. When used together, long-term medical marijuana patients report they receive more benefits from both, but CBD use for pain coverage without THC is also very effective.

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3. Fibromyalgia Relief

Beyond the chronic pain commonly experienced by sufferers of this condition, fibromyalgia is also known for causing cognitive impairment, fatigue, and a range of other issues. Common treatments include anti-inflammatories and corticosteroids. Since cannabidiol acts as a strong anti-inflammatory in addition to its pain relieving properties, many patients with this condition report it is effective for treating the full range of symptoms they experience and not just chronic pain.

4. Nausea Reduction

One of the reasons cannabis has been popular for decades in cancer treatment circles is because of its effects on the appetite. While THC is the chemical that usually spurs on the infamous munchies associated with cannabis use, CBD is often effective when nausea reduction is the goal. Together, they can help bring back a healthy appetite during periods of gastric distress for some patients. On its own, cannabidiol works to prevent nausea without the uptick in appetite, which gives it many more uses in a home medicine cabinet.

5. Relief From Anxiety and Depression

One of the most common reasons for a medical recommendation for cannabis use is the advent of symptoms associated with anxiety or depression. Many anecdotal reports and studies alike support the idea that CBD alone can provide relief from most of the anxiety symptoms and some depression symptoms, making it a solid choice for a fast-acting intervention with few side effects.

6. Acne Control

Studies have found CBD introduced to human skin glands directly still has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. This is support for anecdotal reports of CBD serums and tinctures being effective supplements to help with acne control, reducing the inflammation and irritation that is at the center of an outbreak.

7. Insomnia

Since cannabidiol does have mild sedative properties for most users, it can provide a little extra relaxation for those who have trouble sleeping, without a lot of side effects common to sleep medication. Tolerance to CBD does not build quickly like it does for many other over-the-counter products, it is non-addictive, and it typically does not affect the quality of sleep for those who use it. Insomnia is a complex condition, and there are always cases that resist a new treatment, but CBD has worked for many people who suffer from it.

8. To Protect Cardiovascular Health

Healthline reported on studies published on the effects of CBD use on heart health because they point to unique uses for the supplement. It looks like studies have found it effective at reducing high blood pressure when compared to a placebo, in doses that are quite manageable for most people. If you have occasional high blood pressure, it could help regulate things naturally, keeping you in range.

9. To Reduce Tremors and Seizures

One of the best-known applications for CBD is as a treatment for muscle convulsions and seizures. A strain of cannabis called Charlotte’s Web was famously designed for this purpose about a decade ago, and today it helps many adults and children with muscle tremors and seizure disorders to live without as much disruption to their daily lives.

10. Neuroprotective Properties

Many studies have shown CBD to be effective at protecting neurological function in many ways, from reducing the symptoms of MS and epilepsy to treating the effects of PTSD. Some studies have even indicated that when used regularly, it might help patients rebound from new trauma more quickly. While there’s more work to be done here, it does seem like CBD has a very good chance of being a safe, over the counter option for those looking to protect neurological function broadly as a way of maintaining better overall health and wellness.

With all these benefits, it’s no wonder so many home medicine cabinets are beginning to feature CBD tinctures, serums, and other derivatives. For many people, multiple conditions or symptoms can even find relief in different aspects of this compound’s properties at once.

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10 Great Uses for CBD Oil at Home