Yes, You can Still Have an Orgasm After Menopause, Here’s How!

By on July 21, 2022

True Intimacy with a partner involves feelings of emotional closeness and connectedness. An essential component of this is physical intimacy. However, for many postmenopausal women, physical intimacy comes with the symptoms of genitourinary syndrome of menopause (GSM). Close to 50% of women suffer from vaginal dryness, decreased vaginal lubrication, pain during intercourse, and trouble, or inability, to reach an orgasm. This has left countless women living their lives without satisfying sex – an essential part of a woman’s overall physical and emotional well-being at any age and a crucial component to fostering relationship bonds.  

The focus has been on men’s sexual health for the past twenty years. Now Cliovana is turning the focus on women, specifically the clitoris, with an acoustic sound wave, a blood-stimulating solution that is a gentle alternative to rejuvenation surgery. It is an entirely non-invasive treatment that creates a long-term increase in women’s sexual responsiveness and intensity, helps with painful sex and lubrication, and increases orgasm frequency. 

For any woman going through menopause, Dr. Christi Pramudji, one of the first urologists in the country shares that the convergence of stress and the shifting of critical hormones can lead to anxiety and depression – with the incidence of depression doubling for women during menopause. These mood disorders and hormone changes can lead to physical issues like less sensitivity to arousal and touching or even lack of orgasm. For many women, another casualty of menopause-related problems is the loss of healthy and fulfilling sex life and losing intimacy with a partner – all of which exacerbate an already difficult emotional time in women’s lives. 

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Pramudji shares the importance of sex, menopause, and hormones and that there are answers to assist with helping manage and more pleasurable sex life as it all comes hand in hand.

Cliovana is changing that with the first gentle, non-invasive, patented treatment to help women enjoy physical intimacy again, dramatically improving sexual health, one of the most significant side effects of menopause.

“Women’s bodies are going through so many changes during menopause that stress can exacerbate. I hope that women have honest conversations with their doctors about how they feel mentally and emotionally because there is help and support,” says Christi Pramudji, MD, an expert in comprehensive Female Urology and Urogynecology. “For women dealing with the loss of enjoyment with sex, dryness, and pain, my patients have had amazing results with Cliovana. Taking back their sex life has a profound effect on women’s overall health, wellness, and happiness.”

Any woman can find greater physical intimacy with the help of Cliovana. To find out more about Cliovana, read client testimonials, or find an available practitioner, visit

Christi Pramudji, MD is an expert in comprehensive Female Urology and Urogynecology. She is one of the first urologists in the country to receive board subspecialty certification in Female Pelvic Medicine and Reconstructive Surgery, and she is the only Urologist in the state of Texas with a practice dedicated exclusively to female patients. With 20 years of private practice experience, Dr. Christi is uniquely qualified to treat female pelvic conditions, ranging from common urinary tract infections to incontinence to reconstructive surgery and sexual dysfunction.

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Yes, You can Still Have an Orgasm After Menopause, Here’s How!