Wow – Is it worth the Splurge? Diamond-Infused Skincare

By on December 8, 2016
Wow – Is it worth the Splurge? Diamond-Infused Skincare

Diamonds have been a girl’s best friend since Marilyn Monroe sang it into law in her 1953 movie, Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Since day one, because of their rarity, they’ve been the standard symbol for commitment, wealth, and status.

Even Elizabeth Taylor said, “Big girls need big diamonds.”

These days, the ring finger is the most likely place you’ll find a carat or two, but diamonds are actually gaining ground in the skincare department as well. Crazy, right?

Well, not to some. Diamonds are now being put in creams, serums, masks – you name it, and there’s a diamond product to match it. Like diamonds in jewelry form, they’re still linked to status in that the products come with a hefty price tag.

But just because a beauty product has a precious gem, semi-precious gem or even crystal as an ingredient, is it really worth the extra cost? Perhaps these stones can really benefit the skin..just like other minerals.

Diamonds Are the Skin’s Best Friend?

While they’re basically a form of carbon, diamonds are being used more and more in the skin care industry for its anti-aging properties.

In low doses, nanodiamonds (just little, crushed up diamond particles) have been suggested to have beneficial effects on the skin. When exposed to nanodiamonds, the skin’s cells are able to grow faster and their metabolic activity is increased. Diamond particles are believed to improve skin cell survival, longevity, maintenance, repair, and even function of human cells – all important factors for slowing the aging process of the skin.1

Since the body tolerates nanodiamonds so well, the science world has figured out a skin hack in order to deliver any missing nutrients the skin might be missing. Nanodiamonds are easily absorbed, and their surfaces are often coated with compounds for medicinal purposes.2

So the super-absorbent particles are able to transfer anything the skin might need, like collagen. This could possibly plump skin and diminish any sign of aging that was once present!

Pretty cool, right?

The Dermabrasion Star

Oddly enough, diamonds aren’t a new thing in skincare. The way they’re being applied via creams and serums is a new phenomenon. Diamonds have been a common tool in  microdermabrasion.

What’s microdermabrasion, you ask? It’s basically the process of sanding the skin’s outer, uneven layer of skin. It sounds painful, but when done correctly, it can be used to treat scarring, discoloration, sun damage and other skin health issues. The end result is facial rejuvenation that makes the procedure worthwhile!3

Some dermabrasion can even be done at home. (See: cleansing brushes with motorized, spinning heads that have become popular for at-home use!)

The diamond fraise technique, used by dermatologists during dermabrasion, even believed to be the preferred method. The diamond fraise is considered to be a more efficient instrument for dermabrasion, where a wire brush is not as easily controllable by dermatologists. It provides medical professionals with greater versatility due to its different shapes and sizes.4,5

The diamond tip is made up of diamond fragments, making it friendly for all skin types and thicknesses.6

If you’re hesitant to undergo microdermabrasion, it’s understandable! Parting with the top layer of facial skin is hard to wrap the brain around, and after understanding it, odds are, you really don’t like the sound of it.

Achieving the skincare routine that’s right for you might not even involve dermabrasion at all, which is totally fine. But if dermabrasion is something you’re interested in, simply asking your dermatologist about the risks, benefits, and limitations of the procedure will most likely calm your mind.

Dermabrasion is technique-dependent and topical anesthesia is usually used to numb the skin so no pain is felt. Treatment after the procedure is also usually recommended, with patients seeing positive results in the weeks after.7

In a study conducted on patients who had just undergone diamond dermabrasion, skin barrier function of the forehead and cheeks recovered within 2 days.8


While the cost of adding a diamond-infused cosmetic product to your skincare routine may be a splurge, it may be worth the splurge.

Because it’s already used in more traditional dermatological methods, diamonds are a safe ingredient, unlike other toxic ingredients found in skincare to avoid. Of course, as long as the gemstone concentrations are low, of course! 

The world of diamonds and skin products have just now intersected, so while the prices are high, you might be onto something if you pick up your own diamond-infused cream or serum!












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Wow – Is it worth the Splurge? Diamond-Infused Skincare