Women Maximizing Life Beyond 50

By on March 31, 2020
Beyond 50

The best of life is before us! For many women over 50, this mantra is true as they look to leave the past in the past. We can only change the future and now that you are nearing or over 50, it is the best time to live your best life beyond 50.

As we look forward, let’s aim for a better second half of life. LivingBetter50 has some ideas from other women over 50 capitalizing and living better after 50! 

Wise up about money

Many women have not necessarily been responsible for their household finances. Sometimes they have had the wool pulled over their eyes and wake up one day in severe financial crisis. Learn from other cautionary tales and have a say about your family’s finances. If necessary, hire a financial manager.

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Get around the table where decisions are made

If you ask not, you shall not receive it. You have every right to have a seat at the table. You have many years of experience and unique perspectives. Do not fear the unknown and ask questions!

Fashion and beauty, because you can

Women of the 21st century and women over 50 are not dressing up to impress or attract attention! We dress fashionably and take care of our appearance because we care about ourselves. Identify your beauty/fashion Achilles heel and sort it. Now is the time to cast off things that don’t work for you!

Surround yourself with quality

Edit your address book! Comb through your contacts and remove the ones that are not life-affirming people. You know who they are and how they leave you feeling drained. Remember that if you want to find people like this, that you need to be positive and encouraging too. Watch your words and habits.

Mentor a younger woman

Did you have someone reach out to you and offer to mentor you? Probably not, but that is not a reason to not start a new activity. Remember as an older woman, you are the ‘supermajority’. Mentor and encourage the younger women around you!

Renew your life’s passion and commitment

Commitment is paramount. With a strong partner, you have the strength when it is needed and the friend when the rest of the world is quite. As life has come and you have learned more about yourself and your spouse, it is extra special to renew that commitment. Rewrite your vows every seven years, setting out what you pledge to do for each other. Over the years you will see what changes and how you can best love and care for each other. 

Beyond 50

The lives that lie before us have so much promise. We have much more wisdom than when we started out in our 20’s and won’t make the same mistakes. We also have more resources than in our 30’s. The key ingredient is our passion and ambition. Take that and reach for the stars!

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Women Maximizing Life Beyond 50