Women Over 50 Thrive in Challenging Times

By on March 31, 2020
Challenging times

What are the qualities we most value in a crisis? Experience, competence, calmness, wisdom. All of which women over 50 have gained through the years of experiencing life through challenging times. Women over 50 tend to face life’s challenges with determination, grit, and gracefulness!

Women over 50 are facing this present isolation time and danger with innovation and determination. They have the skills to contribute to shaping a new reality for the ways we work, interact and live. There are a billion women aged over 50 in the world! By the time women reach 50, many women have already handled a lot of change, divorce, bereavement, redundancy and, of course, menopause. As women over 50, we are more emotionally prepared for disappointment and having to cope in an emergency than many men or younger women.

I always wondered when I was younger why older people sometimes came across as rude. Was it that they realized that there was no need to “keep up appearances” or that they realized that not everyone’s opinion matters? Here are a few qualities that make us women over 50 ideal candidates for leading the resurgence from the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Women over 50 are more flexible

We may not be as physical limber as before and touch our toes with our nose. However, we are more flexible with life and think outside the box for solutions during challenging times. We have had to think about life in different terms throughout our lives. We have learned through the years that not everything is black and white. There are some things that we don’t have a definitive answer about, and that is OK!

Women over 50 have been successful

We are the proof through our own life’s achievements that women can do anything they set their minds to. We are part of the generation that has smashed various societal stereotypes in recent history. Individually we have incrementally stood up to the challenges of life, stood in the gap for our children and grandchildren. We have made a big impact on the future collectively!

Women over 50 becoming dangerous

With so much on the line, women have shown themselves as the ones to step up. With many years of experience is rising to the challenge mixed with the abandonment of the fears that grip younger counterparts, women over 50 are dangerous. We will do what is needed without the concern for what others whisper behind our backs. Without the desire for recognition, women over 50 will tackle the needs of their communities as before during challenging times.

Women over 50 are graceful

In our 20’s or even 30’s, our passions may have overtaken our tactfulness. With age and maturity, women over 50 have learned how to gracefully take on the challenge and make it look effortless! With many more resources and networks, now is the time for us to play a pivotal role in the solution.

Let us lead by example during this challenging time in society and join the call to arms. Join arms and lead the younger generations and passionate men of our generation. The solutions for our current pandemic are out there, let our previous experience pave the way for success in time and space.

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Women Over 50 Thrive in Challenging Times