Women Making a Difference

By on July 29, 2011

Sisters of the Heart logoThere is a village in the Eastern Mountains of Uganda, called Kapchorwa, where a group of women have been learning the American craft of quilting from scraps of fabrics they gather. They work together creating quilts and other products to sell so they can make a life-changing impact on the lives of their families and others less fortunate.

For more information on the Sisters of the Heart, watch the video here.

The proceeds of their handmade items are used to create micro-loans to see that other women are empowered to earn a living. Food is purchased so the poor do not go hungry. Clothes, blankets and mattresses are purchased so that children can stay warm. Rent is paid for widows so they can have shelter.

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photos of people in the community of Kapchorwa

People of the Community of Kapchorwa

With grant money and the funds they receive from selling their products, a vocational school is being established so they can continue to teach others this trade and continue their ministry. Teenage orphan girls with no chance of getting an education will learn to become self-reliant and enabled to come off the streets. Single mothers or widows will be taught in order to earn a living for their families. Women are empowering women to help create a better life for the community of Kapchorwa.

For more information or to make a donation please visit their website at: http://www.sistersoftheheartfoundation.org/ or you can read more about the work this ministry is doing in the following article:


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Women Making a Difference