Why Women Over 50 Should Learn and Enjoy Golfing

By on November 24, 2020

There are many women who do not see themselves playing golf because of a gender issue, some saying that it is a “men’s sport.” However, you can break those resistances and get in the game. You must change that mentality because golfing is a sport for all genders and ages where the thing sought is the leisure of golfers, in addition to active learning.

The Major Difference

The big difference between women and men in sports in general (soccer, basketball, volleyball…) is to play on women’s or men’s teams. But, with golf, they are rarely mixed. In golf tournaments, there is no distinction between male and female. All genders are usually welcome. There are a lot of sportswomen that do better than men, thereby dismantling the idea that women are the “weaker gender.”  Like tennis and basketball, which is a game that accepts both men and women, mixed tournaments are quite common in golf.

Thorough and Observant

At a women’s golf school by Bird Golf, after years of watching the game of men compared to women’s golf, it can be said that women’s golf, far from being lower level, is much more thorough as women tend to be more observant regarding their competitors and less jerky in their movements. This is an advantage on some strokes where male golfers use increased aggressiveness or poor force control and women might do the opposite.

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The Advantages of Golf for Women

Like any other sport, golf and other sports bring health to women’s lives. There are certain exclusive features that make golf an advantage for women. This includes:

  • Golf is a low impact sport, which means that you will be exercising, but without risk of injury or muscle problems.
  • Your mental health will benefit and not only physical health since golf is a sport that calms our mind and reduces stress.
  • You will create bonds of friendship for life with other women because golf is probably the sport that generates the most personal contact. Your rivals could even be your friends.

At a cognitive and balanced level, your mental health will be increased by the high level of concentration required to play golf. It is safe to say, then, that golf is a sport that generates social ties, in addition to providing an improvement in our health, both mental and physical.

As you can see, playing golf if you are a woman is not a hindrance. It is quite the opposite. There is room for everyone who wants to learn and play golf; both men and women alike.

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Why Women Over 50 Should Learn and Enjoy Golfing