Easy Ways to Go Green

By on November 24, 2020

The latest buzz words are all about sustainability and being green. Although many people like these concepts and the idea of protecting the environment, they are not exactly sure how to accomplish it.

Personal sustainability and being green are two different concepts. Sustainability is more of a whole lifestyle where green is associated with a particular product or service.

Many people use the two terms interchangeably. Fortunately, regardless of which term you use, there are some simple ways to go green no matter what your lifestyle. Here are a few quick things you can do to live a more sustainable life.

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Plastic Containers

Plastics are a huge danger to the environment. Despite being recyclable, they are still toxic pollutants. You can approach going green by using sustainable containers. An easy way to reduce your use of plastics is to purchase reusable items like drink bottles, cups, and glass dishes for leftovers and lunches. This can also save you money over time because you are not constantly purchasing single-use plastics for storage.


Not everyone can jump on a bike or walk to work. In some cases, the distance you have to travel is too far. Without biking or walking, you can use public transit systems, carpools, or work from home when you can. These practices can greatly reduce the amount of gasoline you use and how much carbon monoxide you are pumping into the environment. 

If you have to drive, purchase a car that is energy efficient. Although electric cars are not perfect, some of the hybrids work wonders for your wallet and the environment.

At Home

It is very easy to make your home more energy-efficient and therefore more green-friendly. You can install weatherproofing, low flow faucets and showerheads, and programmable thermostats. Not only does this make your home more environmentally sound, but it can also save you money too. Look for the “Energy Star” rating on major appliances and purchase ones that have a high rating.

You can also ask your local electric company about how to conserve energy. Most of them publish fliers that come with your electric bill on ways to use energy more efficiently and therefore more sustainable. If they don’t, it may be on their website or other social media.

Reuse and Recycle

It is not just plastics that are a problem. Paper and plastic bags are both recyclable in many areas. Most cities have recycling centers that take almost any material including glass, plastics, aluminum, and electronics. If you cannot reuse it check to see if you can recycle it instead. 

This concept extends to clothing as well. Instead of purchasing new clothes, decide whether you really need them or check your local thrift stores for similar styles. Most thrift stores carry a wide variety of new and used items and purchasing them is essentially recycling. 

Shop Local

Find local sustainable farms and fisheries in your area and shop at farmer’s markets and small stands instead of in supermarkets. The pollution cost of shipping food from other states, let alone other countries is extremely high. By shopping locally, not only are you supporting a local business and your local economy, you are reducing the amount of fuel and packaging required.

Smaller local farms also do not use the pesticides and fertilizers that larger factory farms do. Since they are small they are more likely to grow organically and use more natural chemicals. They also tend to be less expensive so it is easier on your wallet as well.

Once you get into the habit of practicing sustainability it becomes easier. It is just a matter of giving up your old ways and making slight modifications to your lifestyle.

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Easy Ways to Go Green