Virtual Thanksgiving Plans for Women Over 50

By on November 24, 2020
Virtual Thanksgiving

With rising case numbers all over the world, the Covid-19 pandemic may have you re-thinking Thanksgiving this year. With 40% of people cooking a turkey for the first time ever this Thanksgiving, you may want to stay home. A Virtual Thanksgiving is a time to host a holiday celebration that unfolds in the same virtual environment as work and school.

So, how are you going to add more to your Thanksgiving experience? What about, say, serving a delicious side dish of virtual fun?

5 tips for hosting a virtual party this Thanksgiving

Invite distant friends and relatives.

Every so often, something pops up that prevents a loved one from being able to come to a party. In these situations, a video conferencing solution is the magic wand that can beam up whoever is missing out on all the fun!

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Come together around food

It is always best to add a meal of some kind to a gathering. With a virtual Thanksgiving meal, each person cooks the meal that they like. No need to compromise this year on the dry turkey.

Decorate and dress up

Setting up your table, and adding some flowers or balloons or even a homemade backdrop can definitely get you in the spirit of Thanksgiving. And a video chat allows everyone to enjoy your masterpiece!

Play some games

If magic isn’t your family’s jam, leveraging technology to play virtual games might be another way to celebrate as an extended group. Virtual charades anyone?!

Snap a family photo

Even if you’re spending Thanksgiving virtually this year, you can still take a family photo — hopefully, one that will make you laugh when you look back at it in years to come.

While Thanksgiving may look a bit different this year, a Virtual Thanksgiving makes it easy for friends and family to come together and share these moments together.

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Virtual Thanksgiving Plans for Women Over 50