Women Over 50 Find Personal Care Products Formulated Just For Them

By on April 15, 2020
Personal care products

Venturing to the supermarket or drugstore during a time of social distancing and shortened store hours presents new challenges for shoppers of all ages, but especially for women over 50 who are being urged to stay at home. How do we find and purchase our personal care products at this time? 

Mary, 79, from Columbus, OH recently wrote in to tell us how she had made her way to her local store during “senior hour,” but found empty shelves where her size of overnight pull up underwear normally sits. She didn’t want to burden her granddaughter by asking her to help and thanked us for creating Because, where she can order her personal care items and have them delivered discreetly to her door. Nothing is more motivating to the team at Because Market than hearing about how we are helping the lives of our customers.

Changing the way older adults shop for personal care products

Coming from close-knit families that included caring for grandparents and other aging relatives, my business partner, Luca Gualco, and I first focused on bladder protection when we started Because. It’s estimated that 25 million adults suffer from moderate to severe incontinence, including half of the women over 50. We knew firsthand the frustration of going from store to store and not being able to find what our families needed. And then turning to eCommerce sites only to be overwhelmed with too many options and not enough customer support. We knew that if we were finding the shopping experience difficult and often impossible, that our grandparents and others like them would have an even harder time.

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We tapped our tech experience (Uber, WeWork, eBay) for the back-of-house infrastructure that would lead to a senior-friendly shopping experience and looking to our business school contacts for sourcing and product development. We built our business from the ground up, working with top manufacturers and engineering and design experts from Stanford University to design better personal care products that are not available in stores.

Personal care productsToday we are so proud that Because is the leading online destination for personal care products dedicated to the often-overlooked senior market and the often-not-talked-about-topics associated with this age group. From Alaska to Texas, New York to California and everywhere in between, we’ve served hundreds of thousands of customers in all 50 states, earning thousands of 5 star reviews in the process, and can’t wait to serve millions more.

For you, your loved ones and caregivers, Because, offers a place to discover and shop for new and better personal care options, not only during these uniquely challenging times but in the years to come. 

Our mission is to enable millions of older adults to live vibrant, independent lives and we’re just getting started. We are listening to and learning from our customers each and every day and here are just a few of the ways we’ve found to help them so far.

Better Products

Because adult protective underwear fit better and are 35% more absorbent than other products on the market, absorbing a full cup of liquid in seconds. We cut out the middleman and work directly with manufacturers to develop products you won’t find in stores. We also have a range of specially formulated products exclusive to Because including wipes, skincare and a clinically developed line of CBD creams, gummies and tinctures.

Fit Quiz & Trial

There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering something online or buying a huge box in-store and being disappointed by either the fit, the quality or both. Using our quick and easy online ‘Fit Quiz’ customers are directed to the exact product they need with free samples to guarantee fit & satisfaction before committing to a full box.

Unparalleled Customer Support

This is an age group for whom customer service is especially important. After we send our product trials we encourage people to call us so they can tell us first-hand about their experiences with our products. We value the interactions we have with our customers and make sure they can reach us by phone, email, text, chat or regular mail. Our customer care team is always there. 

Saving with a Subscription

Saving money is important for all of us, no matter our age. Customers can save as much as 25 percent off retail prices with our easy, adjustable and flexible subscription service, that also includes free shipping, monthly special offers, and our newsletter.

Discreetly Packaged and Delivered Direct-to-Door

Because products are delivered directly to customers’ doorsteps in plain, soft packages that are easy to manage and open. 

We started Because to help our families, and are humbled every day by the support of our customers around the country, especially in these unprecedented times. It brings us great joy to help people like Mary in Ohio, and make an impact in the lives of so many older adults, one delivery at a time.

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By Alexi Suvacioglu, CEO and co-founder, Because Market

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Women Over 50 Find Personal Care Products Formulated Just For Them