Women Over 50 COVID Related Hair Loss

By on November 16, 2020
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Many people felt stressed out and anxious earlier this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Stress-related hair loss usually happens three months or longer after a triggering event. For this reason, many women over 50 are just now experiencing the delayed physical response to living with stress.

Why do I have hair loss?

Experts say it’s not entirely clear why hair loss takes that long. The body may prematurely push hairs into the dormant phase of their growth cycle, which ultimately leads to the hair root shrinking and falling out. In addition to hair loss, stress can trigger flares of acne and dandruff, as well as eczema. Hair health is dependent on skin health. Stress can cause a fluctuation in hormones and chemical balances impacting your skin and hair. Women over 50 who are more vulnerable to COVID-19, may have feared for their health and finances.

How Do I manage my hair loss?

It’s best to see a professional from the start because shedding could be a symptom related to a thyroid issue or anemia. Your doctor can help rule out those more serious concerns by running lab tests. Consider hair loss supplements to assist your body’s fight against hair loss. There are also various hair care solutions that can be of assistance, getting a custom shampoo and conditioner will allow you to get the right nutrients and ingredients to combat hair loss.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

Remove the trigger and stress. Face your fears and concerns in an effort to address the anxiousness and stress that you are experiencing. If your hair loss was caused by stress, with time and a little help from your new shampoo, your hair will start to grow back on its own. Your hair will grow back the lost hair because the follicles are still active and healthy.

Healthy skin, healthy hair

The stress that you are experiencing is affecting your entire body not just your hair. Soap will strip your body of the necessary oils when you shower or bathe. Be cautious that you are not over-washing, especially if you have noticed drier skin than usual. Be sure to use an All-Natural body wash high in Shea butter. The shea butter will nourish and replenish the oils you are losing from the stress.

Using a body butter after washing your hands or body, is the best way to replenish the skin’s moisture naturally. It is best to use an All-Natural Body butter that uses essential oils for skin health and nutrition.

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Women Over 50 COVID Related Hair Loss