How Women Over 50 Can Include Exercise in Their Everyday Life

By on February 24, 2020
Include Exercise

Women over 50 must continue to exercise regularly. Regular exercise can help you to prevent and manage health conditions, as well as reduce the symptoms of old age. However, many women over 50 struggle to exercise for fear that they are unable to commit to intense exercise regimes. Here are some top tips on how to include gentle exercise into your everyday routine.

  • Take a Class

Taking a class is one of the best ways to commit to an exercise regime that has been specifically tailored toward the needs and abilities of your age group. Many community centers provide aerobic and cardio exercise classes, which are two of the main exercise groups that you should focus on as you age. The best aspect about these classes is that they will encourage you to participate in regular exercise every week. In addition to this, exercising in a group can help to motivate you to perform well.

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  • Invest in a Smart Watch 

Investing in a smartwatch can help to remind you to exercise throughout the day, while tracking many of the factors that are integral to your continued health, such as your heart rate. They follow these continuously, meaning that you will be taking active steps to improve your health while going about your day. Not only this, but smart watches for the elderly can be programmed to remind you of vital appointments and medication, and they also have a panic button that will ensure that you get immediate medical attention if you fall ill.

  • Walk to the Shops

Public transport can be a lifeline for women over 50 without alternative modes of transportation to reach important destinations, such as medical centers. However, if you are mobile enough, you should consider forgoing public transport and opting to walk to your destination instead. This will mean that you need not take any extra time out of your day to exercise, ensuring that you can get fit without even realizing that you are exercising. Walking short distances a day can help to increase your heart rate, improve your muscle strength, and help you to maintain a healthy weight, which are all vital components of avoiding illness. 

  • Exercise During Other Activities

If you are unable to allot a specific time of the day to exercise, you should consider exercising while you perform other activities. For instance, if you are an avid television watcher, you should consider jogging on the spot while you watch the screen, or even performing stretches. If you find yourself waiting for the washing to finish or are performing a spring clean, you could also consider dancing to music or walking up and down the stairs multiple times.

  • Exercise in Short Bursts

Exercising for lengthy periods can be difficult for older people, especially those with conditions such as arthritis or those that have reduced mobility. Then, you should consider performing exercise in short bursts, such as five to ten-minute periods, which will allow you to recover between sessions and ensure that you do not injure yourself. You should also find gentle exercises to perform if you are unable to do intense workouts, such as stretches, Pilates, or yoga.

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  • Adopt a Pet

Women over 50 can often get lonely, and this can decrease your motivation to exercise regularly. However, adopting a pet has many benefits that can help you to combat this. If you have ever tried to ignore a dog that wants to go out for its daily walk, you will know how difficult it is. Adopting a pet will give you a reason to exercise daily and will enable you to be held accountable for any missed days of exercise. 

  • Take Up an Active Hobby 

However, you must be able to make your exercise regime as fun as possible, and you can do this by taking up an active hobby. For instance, pastimes such as gardening can help you to burn off calories each minute while allowing you to get out into the fresh air and spend time with other nature enthusiasts.

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How Women Over 50 Can Include Exercise in Their Everyday Life