Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays

By on July 25, 2019

When the holidays roll around, it’s easy for your fitness habits to take a vacation. With the parties and bountiful spreads of food, the temptation to skip a few days or overindulge is all too enticing.

Thankfully, WundaBar founder, Amy Jordan, has a few tips that will help you stay fit over the holidays. As a Pilates visionary, entrepreneur and inventor, Amy uses her fitness knowledge and desire to share wellness through movement to empower others to “have the best experience in [their skin]”. With that being said, as a student of Pilates since 2006, you can bet Amy has learned a few things about navigating the holiday season.    


Make every other drink at a party a bottle of water. It’ll cut your alcohol calories in half, keep you hydrated, and that much more likely not to skip tomorrow’s workout from a hangover!!

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Move your body EVERY day! It is not optional. Choose something you enjoy for a “rest” day like a long walk, hike, short swim, dance class – it doesn’t have to be a full hour. Get 5, 10, 20 minutes in, and your body (and mind) will thank you. Got family in town? Make it a group activity!


Relatives asking what they can get you for a holiday gift? Make it something that motivates you to move! A new sports bra? Sneakers? A package of classes to your favorite studio? Make it something you want to use and will support your health during and after the holidays!


Not in the mood to hit the gym? There are many online “On Demand” platforms that allow you the work out from your home!


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Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays