Simple Changes That Support Aging Relatives and Friends

By on February 24, 2020
Support aging relatives

As time passes by and friends and relatives age, as do we, things begin to change. Small alterations often need to be put in place to make things easier to support aging relatives and friends and also for you. Continue reading for our key pieces of advice from other women over 50.


Often as people age, they struggle to cope with day to day living. A home in which they have grown a family, for example, could become just too challenging to manage. Therefore, it is advisable to support a friend or family member to downsize. Moving into a property on one level, such as a bungalow, is great as stairs can be tricky and add another obstacle. As well as choosing a smaller place in which to live, the option of accommodation where there are a warden and other members of staff to check in on them on a regular basis could be an even better option. Although they can be costly, the peace of mind knowing that your loved one is being well looked after means the price tag is well worth it. This option can be a really difficult one to make as accepting the aging process in itself is a challenging thing to do. A home holds more memories than any other place, and so, it can be an enormous wrench to give up this place.

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Perhaps there is an alternative to them leaving their home. Would it be possible for a friend or family member to move in with them instead? Of course, adaptations would also need to be made and perhaps a downstairs reception room turned into a bedroom, but if the size of the property permits and there is someone willing to support them in that way, it could be an ideal solution. There are many other considerations too, for example, making things wheelchair accessible, if applicable. 

Technology and Gadgets

The digital world in which we live is not solely restricted to the youth of today. Far from it. In fact, there are many ways in which technology can help us as we age. Having access to a mobile phone in an emergency could be a lifesaver. With numbers of friends, relatives and other important services, such as the doctors’ surgery or a care worker, saved in the phone ready for use, a few lessons on how to use the device will definitely come in handy in the future. Furthermore, there are even some who are voice-responsive making it even easier to ring someone. 

Encouraging someone to stay active can be a really challenging job. The introduction of a fitness tracker could be the answer. Competing against themselves on a daily basis may be enough motivation, but also seeing their friends and family members’ daily step counts could be even more rewarding for them. They can be a really fun thing to have. It can also double up as a watch. However, if you’re wondering about the best watch for elderly friends or relatives, there are other fantastic options too. 

Keeping your mind active is another important part of growing older. Encourage your loved one to complete crosswords, word searches, and sudoku puzzles as these make you think and are great to keep a decent level of cognition. A device such as a Nintendo DS could also be a great option for your friend or family member. Brain training games can help keep mathematics skills up to scratch as well as problem-solving. Watching quiz shows and playing board games can be fun choices too. 

There are so many gadgets that can be used to help people as they get older. For example, things to help put on socks, reminders for taking tablets at set times per day, even personal assistants in the form of a robot. Establish the most important things for the person you have in mind and do your research fully. 

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Health and Fitness

No matter what age you are, it is still important to consider your level of health and fitness and put things in place to maintain a decent level or even improve them. Supporting aging friends and relatives to stay active is imperative. From taking short walks to being involved in fitness classes, there are many options. In fact, there are even seated Zumba classes available to help those who are less mobile. Swimming or aqua fitness classes are also fantastic choices as the water can support movement where it is usually challenging. 

Eating a balanced diet is another important element of life whatever age you are. If your friend or relative is struggling to cook for themselves nowadays, consider supporting them in this area. Bulk batch cooking is a great idea. Spend a day or even a weekend cooking lots of individual meals for them and putting into freezable containers. Ensure that each meal contains a balanced meal and label them clearly with the content, date of cooking and instructions of how to reheat. Alternatively, there are companies from whom you can purchase meals that are delivered to your door. This might be a better option if you are short on time. Additionally, don’t forget to invite your loved one round to share a meal with you at your home or take them to a local restaurant for a treat. 

Support Independence

Although it is vitally important to support a friend or relative, sometimes, it is worthwhile taking a step back and realizing that doing everything for them is not necessarily the best choice. Taking away opportunities to maintain independence will not do your loved one any favors in the long run. Of course, supporting them in areas where absolutely necessary is imperative, but there are other things that certainly require taking a step back. Furthermore, taking over and doing too much will reduce the need for others, including their other friends, thus potentially reducing the chance to socialize. Of course, they’ll be happy to see you regularly, but as you would get sick of only eating pizza for the rest of your life, they would benefit from a more varied diet when it comes to seeing people.

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Simple Changes That Support Aging Relatives and Friends