Should Women Over 50 Buy an Electric Vehicle?

By on September 10, 2020
electric vehicle

Research by energy company Shell shows that seven in 10 car owners are considering an electric vehicle as their next car. What do you think about the electric vehicle as an option? Tesla leads the industry with products that are no longer considered futuristic and pie in the sky!

If you considering an electric vehicle for your next purchase, is a Tesla battery-powered vehicle the only option? 

There are many options that are in the market at present from different companies, Tesla does just receive a lot of press and media. Electric Vehicle speaks about the method used for propulsion. A Hydrogen fuel-cell vehicle is also electric, even though there is no battery to store the electric needed to power the motors.

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If you’re considering going electric next time you change your car, here’s what you should know:

How much do electric cars cost?

With the Tesla Model S starting at $75,000 you would think that an electric vehicle is out of your price range. With more and more models becoming available each day, the pricing f the vehicles have become more competitive. The Nissan Leaf is the first electric vehicle available under $30,000. There are several vehicles in and around that price range including VW’s e-Golf and Chevrolet’s Bolt.

Charging an electric vehicle

You will not be running your extension cord out the window and into the car. Charging an electric vehicle requires an electrician to install and run the required cables. For a Level 1 charger, the cost of the station will be $300 to $600, with parts and labor costing $1,000 to $1,700, according to HomeAdvisor. A Level 2 charger will cost a bit more: The station will cost roughly $500 to $700, and the parts and labor will likely cost $1,200 to $2,000.

The latest electric cars have a driving range of up to 300 miles. According to the US Department of Transportation (DOT) the average women over 50 drives 196 miles per week. Charging your vehicle every 2 weeks would be sufficient based on the average.

Are electric vehicles more cost-effective?

The servicing and maintenance costs associated with owning an electric car are likely also to be lower than a gas-powered vehicle. Electric vehicles have fewer moving parts that will need replacing due to standard wear and tear. The brake pads and discs in an electric vehicle are also subject to less wear and tear.

The national average cost of a gallon of gas in June of 2019 was $2.81. Comparatively, the average cost per kWh was 14 cents. At this price, a full charge of an electric vehicle would be $6.86. When directly compared, the cost to power an electric vehicle is about half of what it costs to fuel your gas-powered car.

Buying a used electric vehicle

Buying vehicles have typically left you in one of two groups. Either you will never buy a used car, or you would typically never buy a new vehicle. Electric vehicles have a new concern to consider before buying a used vehicle. Since batteries lose charging capacity with each charge, the range of a new vehicle will be greater than a vehicle a couple of years old. Consider checking the battery’s performance before committing to a used electric vehicle. 

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Should Women Over 50 Buy an Electric Vehicle?