Winter Skincare Tips for Women Over 50

By on December 30, 2021
winter skincare

It’s not just our clothing that we need to change as the seasons alter throughout the year. Our skin also notices the drop or rise in temperatures and changes in humidity, making it necessary to adapt winter skincare routines as required. 

If you want to help your skin look and feel better over the winter, it pays to follow a few tips for essential self-care.

Moisturize Thoroughly

Firstly, winter is not the time of year to skimp on your moisturizer. You’ll need it more than at any other time. Most people need to change products to something heavier and more nourishing during the winter months. You don’t want to use thick oil-based options in summer, probably, but they’re perfect during the chilly part of the year. 

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You might want to utilize a night cream in the morning, right now, or try some new brands to see what works best for your skin when it’s drier. Plus, keep in mind that when we layer up our clothing, it’s also worth layering up skincare. For instance, consider applying a face serum first, followed by a lotion or cream, some eye-specific cream, and even pop a drop of face oil into your makeup for a dewy glow. Some people like to utilize a quality lotion for extra care for their skin, too. 

Slathering your face and body in enough moisturizer will help firm and brighten the skin and minimize lines and pores. 

Stay Hydrated

It’s necessary to stay hydrated from the inside out, too. If you’re like most of us, you probably find it easier drinking plenty of water in summer when the weather is warm but struggle to remember to do so in winter. While we don’t need to consume as much when it’s cooler, we still need to stay hydrated if we want our skin to remain strong and supple. If we get dehydrated, the skin can sag and make us appear older, after all. 

Try to drink around eight glasses of water daily, whether in plain water, soothing tea, or another beverage. It’s particularly vital to keep up with your fluid intake at this time of year when parties and alcohol are more likely to be a feature. Drinking enough water will help you counteract the drying effects alcohol has on the skin. 

Eat Healthily

The quality of our skin depends largely on the quality of the food we eat. If you want healthy skin, it’s essential to eat healthily. Your diet needs to include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables, good fats like nuts, avocados, coconut milk, olive oil, and enough protein. Look for ways to get more produce into your winter diet, such as making green smoothies that contain spinach, avocado, and banana, or via vegetable soups or baked veggies. 

Don’t Go Too Far with Exfoliation and Peels

If your skin is dry and raw, the last thing it needs is too much exfoliation or a harsh peel. Don’t worsen irritation on your face or body by using products that are too strong or use them too often each week. Exfoliate and apply peels in moderation for best results – limit yourself to once per week maximum. 

You might want to switch to gentler formulas than usual in winter, too, such as those with fruit acids, round jojoba beads, or lactic acids. Products with glycolic acids and other potent ingredients, including salt and sugar, are best left for summer. 

Leave Off the Toner

As a mature woman, you’re unlikely to have oily skin, so you can leave off the toner altogether in winter. These astringents are most appropriate in balmier months of the year when sweat is more of a common occurrence. Such products made with alcohol to absorb oil can exacerbate dryness, which is the last thing you want at this time of year. If you really can’t stop using a toning-based product, at least switch to an alcohol-free face mist that also contains hydrating ingredients.  

Have Shorter Showers

While a nice, long, hot shower is bliss when it’s freezing out and you need to warm up, unfortunately, bathing in high temperatures isn’t good for your skin at all. Avoid this temptation if you don’t want to end up with dried-out skin. Stick to a lukewarm temperature as much as possible and keep showers brief, too. 

Other top tips for how mature ladies can look after their skin in winter include adding more humidity to home or office spaces via a humidifier and protecting lips with quality lip balm. Furthermore, continue wearing sunscreen, even when it doesn’t feel hot or sunny. Following as many of these steps as possible will help your skin adjust well to the cold and not become inflamed or painful.

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Winter Skincare Tips for Women Over 50