Who’s Coming With Me?

By on August 2, 2014

By Kathy Brunner –

Have you had your Jerry Maguire moment?  I have!

Often people think I have always had the job of my dreams or the career to die for. This is far from the truth. If you have ever been unhappy at your job and wished you could spend more time at home, so have I!

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If you have ever felt like you job was not going in a direction you had hoped and you just wanted to do something different. I felt the same.

If you have felt like your life lacked purpose or a plan…I knew that feeling as well.

Even if you have a great job but just feel like it doesn’t do anything for you anymore, I can identify with the same feeling. I know what it is like to feel burned out, disillusioned, bored and frustrated even in careers where the pay was excellent and the perks were many.

I also know what it is like to have a fire in my belly and an idea I just wanted to run with.

If you have wished you could just do something you love, something you race to get involved with each day, something that speaks to your soul, I so hear you, because that was once me as well.

If you are worried about having enough money to pursue your dreams or if you are trying to figure out how to squeeze some “me” time into an already overfull 24 hours, I have totally been in those shoes.

Or maybe you were thinking your career days were over but then you realized you needed more: more purpose, more engagement, more direction, and more money.

These really ARE the golden years but not necessarily for the reasons once thought. People facing career transition and retirement are in a far different place than those who retired some two decades ago.

Today’s boomers are among the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the nation, WHY?

Because boomers are as driven as ever to feel purpose, leave a legacy and continue to maintain their standard of living and often that means working into retirement. But this time need not be just a job, but rather a joy; if you can turn what you love into a viable career.

People do it every day. Jerry Maguire did it. Remember his question to his colleagues?

“Who’s coming with me?”

That’s my question to you. Who’s coming with me on this journey? I know you want to live your dreams into retirement and maybe one of those dreams is to finally write that book, start that business, support that cause, develop that non-profit but perhaps like Jerry’s colleagues you are too afraid to take that leap, too worried that you missed your opportunity, you don’t have the resources or that you don’t know how to start.

Then I have some other questions for you:

  • What do you NOT want to regret at the end of your life?
  • What do you just wish you could wake up tomorrow and start doing?
  • What would you start if someone could show you the money?

You have answers. You just need to know how.  I knew that feeling too.

My Jerry Maguire moment changed the direction of my life.

Now who’s coming with me?

Kathy Brunner is an Encorepreneur coach who helps people create second or third careers from their passion. Want the fastest way for her to show you the money you can make from your passion?  Check out By the Minute  and the 30 Day Challenge Sign up for her FREE NEWSLETTER at kathybrunner.com.


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Kathy is an author, speaker and branding specialist. She has been business owner for over 21 years. She currently provides keynotes and workshops for groups who are looking to make the change from "burned out" to "fired up". Visit her at kathybrunner.com. Kathy blogs at FINDING YOUR FIRE.

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Who’s Coming With Me?