When Is the Best Time to Lease a Car Near Me?

By on November 8, 2019

Timing, as they say, can be everything. Delivering the right speech at the right time can gain a huge advantage. There are opportunities where you can save thousands on your next car lease. The key, of course, lies in knowing when to show up to deliver that speech. So, if you’re wondering, “When is the best time for women over 50 to lease a car near me?” — here are a few clues to help you determine just when to speak up about the leasing opportunity before you.

Before You Really Need One

If you’re already in a lease, the best time to negotiate your next one is a month or so before this one ends. If you’re trying to negotiate a deal with a sales manager who knows your lease expires the next day, they’re going to play hardball because they know you have no real choice. 

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This holds true in any situation in which you absolutely must purchase a car. The pressure to get a car that day could make you settle for a lesser deal than you could have achieved with time on your side.

The First Months a Model Is Introduced

One of the primary factors determining the amount you’ll pay to lease a car is its perceived residual value. This is the worth the car is expected to retain at the end of the lease period. Lenders don’t have a solid guide by which to determine this when all-new cars are introduced. 

If you really like the vehicle and get in early, you can often take advantage of the optimism factor before reality kicks in and the marketplace dictates the car’s appeal. However, if the car has huge buzz and is in very strong demand, you might run into a situation in which the price of the car is artificially inflated. As long as you’re careful to avoid situations this you should do OK. 

On a Monday

There is typically a lull in business at car dealerships during the first half of the week. The slowest day tends to be Monday. You’ll have better luck negotiating the price of a car on a Monday — according to U.S. News & World Report — than any other day of the week. 

During Months of Heavy Manufacturer Incentives

October, November, and December tend to be the months with the most “money in the trunk” on new cars. This is the period during which manufacturers are making their last push to clear the current model year in anticipation of the upcoming one. Annual sales goals also become an issue during this period, which can lead to better deals.

When There are Significant Model Changes

With an all-new model on the horizon, people willing to purchase the outgoing model can realize significant savings. 

Here, it’s important to bear in mind you might miss out on some new features and the residual value of the car might be lower as well. However, if the deal you negotiate is strong enough, it might overcome those disadvantages. 

Ultimately, when you’re wondering when is the best time to lease a car near me, it’s almost always when business is slow. Whether it’s during the first few months of a model introduction, or during the days of clearing out the old for the new, just make sure you give yourself time to negotiate the best deal.


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When Is the Best Time to Lease a Car Near Me?