Women Over 50 Maintaining Their Hygiene On The Go

By on November 10, 2019

Women over 50 these days live a much more active lifestyle than ever before. You find yourself traveling across the globe, in a gym and meetings, sometimes all within the same day. There is nothing worse than feeling dirty, sweaty or smelly! How can we maintain our hygiene in the fast-paced schedules of modern times? If only you had a mobile shower.

What a novel idea, a mobile shower!

The more I think about this invention of a mobile shower, I realize that we have all the ease and convenience of the mobile shower in ready-to-use wipes. The Busy Beauty Gigantic Body Wipes with the Dandelion Dragon scent are perfect for when you are bed-bound and really need a full shower equivalent. You get clean all over, smell fresh and don’t need to change the sheets. They are thick enough not to break, while moist enough to clean evenly all over.

natural sunscreen with zinc oxide

HygieneA deodorized wipe would do the trick to clean and add a fresh scent. I can confidently return to the office after my workout with a 30-second wipe down with deodorant wipes. The Busy Beauty Deodorant Wipes allows me to refresh in my seat during a flight since it is TSA approved. The wipe down doesn’t fill the aircraft with the deodorant spray, just my fresh scent!

There are a few times in our day when a mobile shower would be useful!

Quick visit to the gym

Many people are disciplined enough to use their lunch hours at work to get a workout in. If the gym is close enough, a 45 min work out is more than enough to burn some calories! The problem with this idea is that taking a regular shower would eat into the workout time. The mobile shower saves me time and allows me to get a full work out in!


Being cooped up in a tin can for a couple of hours with over 100 other people gets to leave most of us with a sense of feeling dirty. Since they don’t offer showers in coach class yet for the passengers, a mobile shower would be ideal. Not too sure how TSA would react to my shower going through security, so I need a solution that has been approved by TSA!

Bedbound or sick

Sick in bed and without the energy to make it to the shower, washing away the sweat from the fever would be greatly appreciated. If I had my mobile shower with me in bed, I could conveniently clean myself without getting up. I suppose the biggest negative to showering in bed, is having to replace the drenched sheets. If only I have a nurse to give me the bed bath!

Menopausal effects

Vaginal health is definitely high on my priority for justifying a mobile shower invention. We all know that nothing is worse than the infection that comes from not remaining clean and fresh. When I am running between activities or been canvassing the malls all day, heading for a shower right before lunch would wash away all the germs and dirt.

The wipes really add the hygienic freshness of a mobile shower, but the accessibility and gratification required by my busy schedule.

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Women Over 50 Maintaining Their Hygiene On The Go