Weight-Loss for Women Over 50

By on January 12, 2021

Dieting and trying to lose weight after a certain age is easier said than done and falling off the weight-loss wagon is something many can relate to. The extra pounds creep back on until we resolve to try another diet or another weight loss regimen, vowing that this time it will be the ‘one’ that finally helps us reach our weight loss goals and leave us basking in true happiness.

Only, it should be the other way round.

Happiness and a positive mental attitude are essential to becoming slimmer and healthier. Losing weight is not a mechanical thing, it’s an emotional thing. My heart breaks for anyone who struggles with their weight. For far too long people have been led up the garden path with the promise of weight-loss through fad diets, slimming shakes, meal replacement bars, or surgery when actually all we need to do is teach them to feel better about themselves. When you have a more positive outlook and feel more confident within, making healthier food choices becomes easier.

weight-lossAs someone who was once a US size 12-14,  and currently a size 10, I have first-hand experience of being heavier than I wanted to be. I was a plus-sized model, traveling the world, but inside I was miserable. I had no self-esteem, low self-confidence, and thought I was ugly, despite being paid to look nice in photos. Constantly thinking about food, what NOT to eat, just made me eat more. Food became my only focus. I realized really quickly that ‘diet’ shouldn’t be the focus – living a happy and healthy life should be the focus.

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Change in career

I quit modeling and went to drama school. I was focusing on life rather than food. We all need a passion in life that’s what lots of people lack. When you find your passion, it gives you energy. Weight-loss is simple. You focus on how you feel, you focus on getting happier and healthier and weight-loss is an easy to achieve side effect. But you have to be positive.

Life-altering diagnosis

I learned how to master positive thinking 17 years ago after my life was turned upside down at the age of 36, when I suffered three heart attacks within a matter of days, and was diagnosed with SCAD (Spontaneous Coronary Artery Dissection). Over the next year or so, after spending too much time laying on the sofa feeling frightened that I would die, I picked myself up mentally by telling myself positive things, trying to appreciate the little things, and all the time making sure I was living a healthy lifestyle to I could be there for my three children.

weight-lossDoctors had told me the only reason I’d survived was that I’d always had a healthy lifestyle, but it became more important than ever. I was convinced it wouldn’t happen again, but four years ago I had two more heart attacks and hit rock bottom. After that, I suffered my darkest moments. I woke up every day and my first thought was, “I’m alive” immediately followed by “will this be the day I die?”.’ That’s what forced me to fine-tune the art of positive thinking, consciously changing my mindset, to keep me alive for my husband and three children.

I didn’t suffer heart attacks, I survived them. I taught myself to be positive and wanted to share the power of our minds with others, whether it’s to beat an addiction, to simply get through each day, or to lose weight.

Weight-loss in my 50’s

weight-lossSally, 52, shares daily messages of positivity with her followers and has launched a six-week weight loss course with daily motivational videos. With the right members are taught to eat nutritiously and positively to achieve a 12lb weight loss. One reviewer Anne Russell said: “Sally’s course is worth its weight in gold. It absolutely works, not only to lose weight but to change the way you think about food. The course offers so much more, builds self-esteem, and enables you to take control.”

Independent reviews on Trustpilot’s website have hailed the plan a success and Living Better50 readers can take advantage of a special 20% discounted price using the code LIVINGBETTER-20.

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Weight-Loss for Women Over 50