Ways to Protect Your Business

By on August 13, 2019

If you want to run a successful business, then you need to take your security seriously. In the 21st century, there are multiple threats, all of which have the potential to do long-lasting damage to the company that you have poured everything into building up.

According to the US Chamber of Commerce, a huge number of American companies are failing because they have become a victim of crime. Imagine losing something that you’ve spent many years of your life creating, all because you didn’t have adequate protection that is quite easy to procure?

That’s because there are plenty of measures which you can take to limit your exposure to criminal deeds. Here are four ways to protect your business from the threat of crime.

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Secure your premises

According to a study in which convicted burglars were asked about their motives and methods, 30 percent of burglars would choose to target businesses. Keeping unwanted intruders out of your business premises has therefore never been more important. Strengthening doors, fitting window locks, and installing security lights will make your premises much more difficult for a criminal to break into.

Install an alarm or CCTV system

An alarm system can alert you and the authorities as soon as somebody sets foot on your property who shouldn’t – and more businesses are now turning to CCTV as well. Not only does this allow you to collect hard evidence of any crime being committed, but it can also prove a deterrent to the crime taking place at all. Advances in technology mean that installing a surveillance camera system can be done relatively cheaply and easily with minimal expertise required.

Invest in cybersecurity

How much of your business is now conducted through the internet? How much of your client’s sensitive information do you store on your IT systems? Given that we’re increasingly moving towards a paperless society, it’s probably quite a bit – which means that you are a hacker’s dream. As a result, you need to protect yourself from cyber attacks by investing in the best cybersecurity systems available. You wouldn’t allow easy access to your sensitive business papers – what you keep on your IT systems should be treated exactly the same.

Protect yourself and your staff by offering adequate training

Different industries will often have different security threats, but you can help minimize your exposure to whatever it is that could plague you by ensuring your staff has adequate training in how to deal with various situations. If your business is customer-facing, such as a shop or a bar, then you might find yourself more open to threats of violence and robbery. If your staff has been trained with how to deal with such situations by remaining calm and not being a hero, then they can prevent a potentially dangerous situation escalating. If you are a company who carries out a lot of business over the phone, you might be susceptible to sophisticated phone scams. Informing your employees how to treat anything suspicious can help them avoid falling for the scam and costing you a lot of money. 


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Ways to Protect Your Business