Traveling in Style at 50

By on December 6, 2016

By Ann Neal –

The fifties are the beginning of a new era in our lives. It’s the time when you have been there, done that. It’s the time when you can and should follow your heart, live the unfulfilled dreams and travel more. When you’re young and carefree, you can pack up a tee, cutoff jeans and go backpacking across the world. But as you grow older, the rules of traveling change a bit. You start valuing convenience as well as style. Your fashion choices also change. The way you dress up speaks a lot about your journey and the story of your life. So remember, whether you’re having a laugh with the locals in a beautiful village, sipping wine with connoisseurs at an exotic vineyard, or heading a board meeting – do it in style.

There are certain things that are absolute travel essentials at 50, whereas there are a few others that work to lend some glam and panache. We breakdown these essential items for you and give you a list of all that you need to put in your bags for traveling in style at 50.

Stock up on the Scarves

Think Grace Kelly and her beautiful Hermes’ scarves. Scarves add elegance to any outfit. They are an absolute must-have whether you are going for a family get-together, a solo sojourn, or something more formal. They can be draped in multiple ways and can transform any outfit from drab-to-fab. Pack a few scarves in chiffon, lightweight wool, cottons and georgette to look graceful, stylish and poised. Besides, they will also serve as a perfect cover-up on a bad hair day.

Pack the Staples Well

Basic well-fitted staples are always classy and stylish. Carry along a crisp white shirt, lots of denims, the little black dress, cardigans, maxi and knee grazing dresses in flattering prints and silhouettes, a couple of sharp trousers, blazers, and at least one wrap skirt. These are ageless attires that look elegant and infuse freshness into any look.

A simple gold brooch on your white shirt, or a pair of chandelier earrings (picked up from your local shopping spree) with your black dress can set your glam and style quotient soaring. That’s the power of staples! Anything and everything looks fantastic on them.

Invest in Immaculate Inner wear

We believe that this is a necessity at every age and every stage. However, it becomes even more important as you step away from your daring twenties and experimental thirties. At 50, women are just as beautiful, but slightly more conscious of their bodies. Well fitted inner wear and subtle shape wear can take care of these and give a flattering and appealing look to their bodies and add a whole new level of confidence. Invest in good quality inner wear to get that surge of confidence and comfort when traveling.

Moisturizers and Sunscreens are a Must

One should apply ample amount of sunscreen on a regular day too. While traveling, this becomes even more important. During travel, your skin is much more exposed to sun. This can damage the skin’s elastin and cause sagging of skin and give you sun spots. Besides, the sun on foreign shores usually affect the skin harsher. Using sunscreen with SPF 30 and above will let you protect your skin and give you that flawless complexion. Well hydrated skin looks dewy and younger. The secret to achieve this, is keeping your skin adequately moisturized. Follow the wash-tone-moisturize routine to-the-t when traveling, cause your skin will be a lot more exposed to dirt, dust and environmental agents when you are on-the-road. If you are more of a night cream woman, you can substitute your regular night cream for the moisturizer.

Secure the Vanity Essentials

While you may be a raging beauty at fifty, it does not hurt to carry some make-up along to look like a style maven. The most basic make-up routine you can adhere to while traveling will consist of some light foundation, pale pinks, and red lip color, a lip balm and gloss, some kohl and some transparent mascara. These bare necessities will not take up much space, and ensure that you look flawless in all those pictures you click. The camera is known to be a little harsh.

Pack the Manicure Kit Safely

A true style maven is stylish top-to-toe. You might have freshly got a manicure done just before your journey, but the threat of a broken nail or chipped nail polish is very real especially when you are traveling and may indulge in adventurous activities. It can completely spoil even the most well put-together look. To prevent this from happening to you and not let a tiny detail affect your travel style goals, carry the manicure kit. A quick brush-up or buffer always helps.

To Conclude

With these travel essentials in your bag, you are sure to make one stylish traveler. However also pay attention to details like the footwear you pack, your best pair of swimming costume, etc. Finally remember while traveling, style is as much about functionality as looks. So go out there and paint the roads, skies and seas red!

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Traveling in Style at 50