Anti-Aging Procedures That Involve the Use of Laser Machines

By on December 6, 2016
Anti-Aging Procedures that Involve the Use Laser Machines

When you hear the words “laser skin treatment,” you might have a specific type of treatment in mind. Maybe you’re thinking of wrinkle removal, treating old acne scars, or even removing unwanted hair. Well, laser devices can do all of those and more.

Before you sign up for a laser procedure, you should understand what benefits lasers actually offer in terms of making you look younger and healthier. Those benefits all depend on the type of laser device that is being used. They are all different, and they produce very different results.

Laser Procedures That Influence Internal Collagen Production

You might think of lasers as only zapping the surface of your skin, but that’s not always the case. In fact, there are some lasers that barely affect the skin’s surface at all. Instead, those types of medical laser tools focus on the layers of skin that you can’t see.

You see, the skin is made up of multiple layers. If you are having problems with things like wrinkles or sagging skin, it can be due to low levels of elastin and collagen, which help to hold skin cells tight. Those are natural substances that your body makes, but it makes less and less of them as you age. Certain types of lasers can increase production of those substances again, a bit like jump starting a car that has stalled.

Laser Skin Resurfacing Procedures and Associated Risks

Of course, there are also more invasive laser procedures that can completely resurface the top layer of your skin. They are known as ablative laser treatments. But unlike the non-ablative treatments to encourage collagen, ablative treatments can have more risks.

Your skin is what protects you from infections. When you remove most of the top layer of it with a laser treatment, you have to protect it carefully while it heals. It can be much more susceptible to any sort of bacteria. It is also likely to be extra sensitive to the sun for a while after the procedure is complete.

What You Should Know About the Laser Treatment Recovery Process

There is a common misconception that you can just walk in, have a laser treatment, walk out, and be totally fine right away. Regardless of the type of laser treatment you have, you will undergo some sort of recovery process. You are likely to have minor redness and swelling that doesn’t go away for a day or two after treatment.

Your clinician should give you after care instructions, no matter which form of laser appointment you go in for. Common instructions include staying out of the sun for a while and using special ointment on your skin, which the clinic should supply.

Be Careful When Choosing a Laser Treatment Clinic

Laser treatments are not always carefully regulated by any sort of government organization. Clinicians are supposed to have proper certifications in order to use them. The machines themselves are also supposed to be carefully maintained. But that isn’t always the case. So, be sure to look into each area clinic’s reputation carefully before making your first laser appointment. A well-trained staff should be able to consult with you and set up the best possible treatment plan to make your skin look younger and healthier as soon as possible.

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Anti-Aging Procedures That Involve the Use of Laser Machines