Top Tips for Choosing the Right Colour for Your Accent Chair

By on May 29, 2019
Accent chair

An accent chair is always a great addition to any room, especially if you want your room or space to have a unique look and character. Of course, accent chairs aren’t just decorative pieces – they can be fully functional as well, serving as a place to sit and converse or relax with a good book. But if you are on a quest for the perfect accent chair, be it for your living room, a bedroom, a hall, or another area in your home or office, the color you choose matters as well as the size, shape, material, and comfort level. Colour is particularly important if you want the chair to complement the existing design and style of the room or space. Here, then, are some top tips for choosing the right color for your accent chair.

  • A color that complements

If you want your decision regarding the color of your accent chair to be easy, then it’s best to go with a color that matches or complements your existing color palette. Look for colors that complement the existing colors on a color wheel. For instance, if the room or space has a lot of blue in it, whether it’s due to a rug, a painting or two, a sofa, or a lamp, then you can opt for an accent chair in a burnt amber or orange color. If you have a sofa in a natural, earthy tone such as green, you can opt for an accent chair with a deep purple or violet hue.

  • A color that makes an impact or statement

You can also go for an accent chair with a color that makes an impact or statement, especially if you want your accent chair to bring in a new element of design to space. You have a lot of choices if you want to make a distinct, eye-catching statement with your accent chair, but you can still be practical as well. It would also be a good idea to go for a color you’re attracted to but wouldn’t use in normal situations. For instance, if you like jewel or gemstone colors such as ruby, jade, sapphire, and emerald, it’s your perfect chance to enjoy this color in your accent chair. These colors also go well with neutral shades like navy, grey, white, or black.

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On the other hand, you can go for patterns and prints like floral printed accent chairs or modern chairs with stripes, geometric shapes, or even animal prints if you really want your accent chair to stand out. Here’s another advantage to choosing a chair with a pattern: it works well if you are keen on hiding pet fur or dirt!

  • Think about the décor and style of the room

For a look that’s more put together, you can also match the accent chair with the room’s other items, whether it’s through the pattern or the color. Think of the room’s pillows, knick-knacks, lamps, and pictures, for instance. For example, if there are black and white stripes on your throw pillows, why not go for a chair with black and white stripes as well? If you have a favorite piece of artwork, you can find inspiration with a color or two from it and then find a chair in the same hues. If you’re still not quite sure, you can always go for a chair with a neutral shade or color; this is your safest bet, and it works well with most any decorating style or theme.


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Top Tips for Choosing the Right Colour for Your Accent Chair