Book Review – The Next Right Thing – A Simple, Soulful Practice For Making Life Decisions

By on May 29, 2019
Book Review

Book Review – The Next Right Thing– A Simple, Soulful Practice For Making Life Decisions by Emily P. Freeman is one of those books I stretched out as long as I could, rereading a number of chapters as I read through it to reflect on the many practical “soul-filled” steps that Freeman offers in this short, but impactful book. If you’re looking for a good read for a study group, this one is perfect. There’s plenty of opportunities to pause to ponder the ideas as you read through it, as well as a “Prayer” and “Practice” at the end of each chapter.

I love Freeman’s humor and wit. I would describe her as a contemporary woman and Christian whose style would appeal to women of all ages. I ordered a copy for my 30-something daughter who I’m sure will enjoy it as much as I did. Freeman’s style is provocative, woven in with storytelling that invites the reader into her life. She is raw and honest and shares about her own challenges with “decision fatigue”, as she refers to it, having to make all the day-to-day decisions we do as well as the bigger ones that can lead to indecisiveness and keep us from moving forward.

If you are facing a difficult decision, in transition, or in an in-between place as I am, having recently moved to Hawaii and on pause from my work and business to take time to contemplate and decide what to do next, Freeman offers steps that become more of a journey as you read through her book that will help you decide what’s really important and what’s not.

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One of the ideas that she shares about in chapter 9 titled, “Make the Most Important List” is the idea of taking time at the end of each day to “examen” your day; an ancient practice of looking back at your day to discern how God was moving, “prayerfully paying attention to how he (God) might be directing you”. An introspective process that we may not find the time to do, but is key to helping us see what God might be trying to reveal to us in the subtleties of everyday life.

The book helps to unravel and name the obstacles that we often face in making decisions and how to overcome them. She shares a hilarious story of when she was shopping for plants for her yard that seemed simple enough, but she found herself walking around with one plant in her basket and no idea what else to buy and feeling overwhelmed. The experience led her to a principle that she calls, “pick what you like and see how it grows”.  Such a simple yet profound way of making simple day-to-day decisions as well as the more important ones that can leave us paralyzed.

If you’re facing major decisions or trying to determine what “the next right thing” is in your life, you’ll appreciate this rich, thought-provoking book that I’m sure will become a resource that you will go back to again and again as you draw from Freeman’s wisdom and journey.

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Book Review – The Next Right Thing – A Simple, Soulful Practice For Making Life Decisions