8 Tips to Decorate a Luxurious Bedroom on a Budget

By on April 15, 2019
Luxurious Bedroom

Is it possible to decorate a luxurious bedroom that looks like a hotel, but on a budget? If your funds are limited, you might think that your options are too. But on the contrary, there are many design elements which you can incorporate to achieve a luxurious bedroom interior without breaking the bank. Designers agree that a little goes a long way if you know which items to focus on. Here are tips for achieving your dream bedroom even if you are on a budget.

Invest in a good quality bed

If you can only afford to buy one expensive item, put your money into a quality bed. It will be your room’s centerpiece, and you will appreciate the difference of sleeping on a good bed and mattress. When it comes to the design, there is no limit to expressing your style. If you are looking for something more ornate, something similar to the Rhianna bedroom sets will be a perfect choice. But if you prefer a more modern look, choose a design with simple, sleek lines and fewer details.

Add plump, overfilled throw pillows

Most luxury hotel rooms have an abundance of overfilled throw pillows to make the room appear more cozy and comfortable. You do not need to overdo it. A few throw pillows on the bed and on your bedroom chair will be enough to achieve the look.

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Install a light fixture

A light fixture can update a room and make it look more luxurious. It does not have to be expensive. Try shopping at a thrift store or look for a second-hand piece online to save money. Look for a design that ties the aesthetic of the room together without being too conspicuous.

Keep your nightstand clutter free

Your bedroom nightstand is not supposed to be messy and cluttered. Find a way to keep your personal items more organized. Buy a beautiful tray for displaying essentials and hide the rest inside a drawer.

Have a few accents and statement furniture

Since the bed is the centerpiece of your room, you may want to add a couple of statement pieces like an armchair or an antique dresser. Keep furniture to a minimum and make sure that there is enough space to move around in.

Accentuate the floor with an area rug

An area rug never fails to make a room look more luxurious; granted, you also need to make sure to keep your bedroom clean. Find a way to hide wires and extension cords and keep the floor free of any clutter like books, clothing, and shoes.

Upgrade furniture hardware

If you cannot afford to buy new furniture, you can try to refurbish existing pieces like adding new hardware or having items reupholstered. You can also repaint or refinish wood furniture to upgrade the appearance and make it look more modern.

Put some houseplants in your bedroom

Potted plants will not only make your room look more luxurious, but greenery also has the effect of creating a more relaxing and calm space. Plants also help absorb harmful chemicals and improve the air quality in your room.


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8 Tips to Decorate a Luxurious Bedroom on a Budget