The Top Reasons Why More Property Owners are Opting for Electric Fencing Today

By on February 8, 2020
Electric Fencing

Fencing systems have been widely used in different properties for decades, even centuries, but it is only in recent times that we have benefitted from the technology and security presented by electric fencing. We all know that with the right fencing system, you can protect your property and all who are within it, or, conversely, you can protect people from outside your property from your property’s occupants. But electric fencing has its own special and unique benefits which make it the fencing of choice for high-risk and high-security locations and areas of commercial properties, residential properties, agricultural and industrial properties, and a lot more. But in addition to providing electrical current for protection, electric fencing can offer other major advantages as well. Here, then, are the top reasons why more property owners are opting for electric fencing today.Wine Shop


Electric fencing can be used to protect post and rail fencing, preventing cribbing and other livestock pressure. It is a cost-effective way of containing livestock, protecting existing fence lines and excluding predators.


Electric fencing is ideal for intensive pasture grazing as it is easily moved to help manage pasture.

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The three Ds

When it comes to electric fencing, you would do well to remember the three Ds; that is, delay, detection, and deterrence. Electric fencing can, for one, deter intruders from trying to access your property as the fencing itself stands as an intimidating physical barrier. And even though the shock from electric fencing is not lethal, it is still enough to prevent many people from making an attempt to enter your property, therefore delaying their plans. When it comes to detection, electric fencing is also highly useful because if someone does attempt to enter, you can make use of other security features and elements such as alarms, which will definitely detect the presence of the intruder as soon as they try to get into your property. 

Easy and convenient installation 

Your electric fencing could be installed by a professional, of course, but if you choose to do it yourself, you can do so relatively easily. You can, for instance, install your electric fencing system on top of or parallel to your current or existing structure or fencing system. Electric fencing can be very quick to install and is easy to maintain, saving time and money.Subscription Box

A low maintenance material 

As mentioned, electric fencing is easy to maintain, requiring almost no maintenance or servicing throughout its lifespan. Electric fencing is made from aluminum or steel wires which are coated with a special protective coat or material, and this material will help prevent rust from forming on the fence. You will not have to worry about damage due to precipitation, and you no longer need to be concerned about re-staining or painting the material (which you would if you had to install a wooden fence, for example). Basic or standard maintenance when it comes to electric fencing consists of checking the voltage in the wiring is adequate (you can do this with a voltage meter), preventing objects and plant materials such as grass from touching the fencing, and checking that the connections are clear, stable, and strong.


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The Top Reasons Why More Property Owners are Opting for Electric Fencing Today