Top Ideas for Christmas Gifts

By on September 24, 2019
Christmas gifts

It truly is the thought that counts, so you’ll want to give those special Christmas gifts plenty of thought this year. Forget the predictable Christmas gifts in 2019 – say ‘no’ to socks and ‘yes’ to these unique ideas, all of which come straight from the heart. 

Something sweet

The festive season is a great excuse for a bit of well-deserved indulgence. It is one of the only times throughout the year that you can savor a few tasty treats with minimal guilt creeping in, so why not make the most of that fact? Give the gift of decadence in the form of sweet treats, such as creative sweet trees (which look as amazing as they taste!) and mouth-watering chocolate gifts. You can click here for more examples. 

Personalized presents 

There are few things quite as thoughtful as giving a gift that has been personalized with the receiver in mind. For example, if you’re wondering what to give your daughter for Christmas, consider having your favorite photographs of the two of you printed onto a cozy blanket or a few throw pillows. These gifts are sure to be sentimental items that she will hold dear for many years to come – plus, they will add an element of interest to her home too! You could also consider themed gifts, like cat themed gifts, for your cat-lover daughter.

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DIY creations 

If you are able to make gifts for your loved ones yourself, you are sure to put big grins on all their faces. Think about what talents you possess – are you decent at knitting? A homemade jumper for your grandson will definitely be well-received. Perhaps you are an incredible baker? Why not bake some decadent Christmas cookies for your family? Maybe you’re someone who loves to paint? Try your hand at painting a family portrait! The options are endless, and the best news is that they will save you hundreds of dollars in the process. 

Good deed gifts 

Christmas is about faith and family, but it is also about giving back to the community and helping those less fortunate than yourself. This is why ‘good deed’ Christmas gifts go such a long way. It’s all about doing a good deed in a friend or family member’s name. For example, making a donation in their name to a children’s home or an animal charity. It is also a lovely idea to donate your time on their behalf. 

Young people are always on the go these days, but many over 50’s, especially those who are retired, have a lot more time on their hands. This year, why not consider volunteering at a few charity organizations on behalf of your loved ones? Choose a charity that each person is passionately supportive of and request that the head of the establishment writes a ‘thank you’ note acknowledging your contribution. Place the note inside a decorative envelope, and you will have a meaningful, personalized Christmas gift to give.

Secret Santa

Needless to say, trying to think of the perfect Christmas gift for countless friends and relatives can be challenging, never mind expensive! This year, why not suggest Secret Santa? Make things interesting by introducing a theme that everyone needs to follow (such as ‘Small & Useful’ or ‘Loud & Proud), or by setting a budget and having everyone write down their Christmas wish. This way, each person gets exactly what they want, yet everyone is able to save money too. Secret Santa is also always lots of fun! 

Remember to enjoy the process of being creative when it comes to choosing gifts and, most importantly, to take the time to soak up the merriment of the season. Here’s to a healthy, happy Christmas of 2019. 


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Top Ideas for Christmas Gifts