Top 3 Tips to Overcome Challenges in Widowers Dating

By on October 28, 2019
Widowers dating

No matter which dating niche you opt for, you’ll face a set of challenges that can rain on your parade. Widowers dating can be quite complicated at times, but luckily those complications can be prevented and dealt with in a constructive way. Whether your widower and you have been going out for a while or this is a fairly new relationship, you’ll find our tips useful and easy to implement. Below, we discuss our top 3 tips to overcome the most common challenges when dating a widower to ensure you’re both very happy together for as long as your hearts so desire.

#1: Travel to New Destinations

In this day and age when so many people travel around the globe, picking a destination neither you nor your widower has ever visited can be tricky, but that’s exactly what you should do. Depending on your budget and time constraints, pick a destination that is not going to break the bank, and create an itinerary that is going to be feasible. Traveling to a new country will allow you to explore a new culture and a way of life together without the shadow of his deceased spouse following you around. You’ll create new life-long memories and share moments outside your mundane daily routine. Traveling also reduces stress, which is another neat bonus that we can all use. If leaving the continent proves to be too much at the moment, you can always choose a destination closer to home, such as Montreal or Quebec City, which will make you feel like you’re in the middle of Europe.

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#2: Date Him, Not His Family

Family relations are only further complicated by dating, but you should do everything in your power not to take anything personally. Perhaps your widower used to hang out with his late wife’s brother all the time, and now that he’s moved on, said brother is avoiding him or doesn’t want to meet or have dinner with you. The most important thing for you to remember is that this isn’t personal and that you’re in a relationship with your partner, not his family. They have their own way of dealing with their grief, which shouldn’t concern you. His kids might not be happy that he’s got someone in his life either, and the last thing you should do is force them to have a relationship with you either directly or by pressuring him to talk some sense into them. They won’t make your life any easier, but what they want most is to be left alone, and that’s exactly what you should do.

#3: Give Him Time and Space

At times, you need to treat a widower the way you’d treat a child. You let him be and wait for him to come to you. He will feel overwhelming grief and guilt every once in a while, which is perfectly understandable, and has nothing to do with you. If he’s withdrawn, keeps to himself, and doesn’t share much, just let him be. Give him his time and space to deal with all the emotions bubbling up inside him instead of demanding attention or special treatment. As hard as this might be, try not to worry about it because if he feels loved and appreciated in your company without feeling suffocated, he’ll be happy even during times of hardship. Call a girlfriend or two and go grab brunch with them so you’re not sitting at home wondering what’s going through his head and how it will reflect on your relationship. Go to the gym or volunteer your time at the local shelter. Do the things you find meaningful and joyful as that’s a sure way to spend some quality time instead of waiting for him to realize he wants to hang out with you again.


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Top 3 Tips to Overcome Challenges in Widowers Dating