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By on May 27, 2013
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By Sara Canuso –

Seven years ago, two months prior to my 55th birthday, I woke up and made the choice that Today is the Day–the start of a more abundant life and a higher level of living, success, freedom and, above all, happiness.

I guess I was finally tired of tossing and turning at night while listening to all of the negative voices in my head telling me a story I had come to believe. I had inherited many of these messages, and many more had taken up residence unnoticed. For me, this story was one of struggle and never having enough money to make ends meet. Regardless of what age you are, you live the story whether it is your story or someone else’s. These negative thoughts and beliefs—the stories—will keep you up at night and will hold you hostage from any movement toward freedom and abundance. Hiding behind self-doubt, fear, guilt and anger keep you from shining your light on your brilliance.

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I finally listened to the tiny, inner voice that kept trying to scream for help. I woke up and decided, Today is the Day. Here are the first three major steps that lead me onto the path of the full, abundant life I have enjoyed for the past seven years.

Step # 1 – THEY HAVE TO GO! You cannot change the past and are only capable of changing your future. I listed all of the negative thoughts and beliefs that I held and had been living in my mind on a piece of paper. Then I tore up the paper and threw the pieces in the trash. I was no longer a child, and these negative thoughts and beliefs were not mine to begin with, so they had to go.

When they were gone, I replaced them with 10, daily, positive affirmations in the present tense.

Step # 2 – YOU NEED TO FUEL YOURSELF DAILY! Funny how we take the time to put gas in the car, feed the dogs and cats, water the plants and yet have no time to fuel ourselves. Now, I was able to hear that small, inner voice that had always been present, but had been drowned out by all of the negative voices. When you spend more time with yourself, you will be amazed at the things you will learn.

Step # 3 – LISTEN TO YOUR INNER VOICE! If you do not listen to your inner voice as to the direction you should be heading, there will be many other voices that will gladly give their free advice, and you will wind up in a place you do not belong.

Once I started with the these three steps, I was amazed at the opportunities that appeared at each step of the way. I am guessing that they were there all along, but I could not see or believe that they were meant for me. I quit my going-nowhere job and started a business. Seven years later, my business is thriving. In addition, I now write for several magazines, speak to thousands of women each year and live an abundant life. I tell you this not to impress you, but to impress upon you what happens when you say, Today is the Day.

Bottom line: There is NO need to stay up nights worrying. There is NO need to wake up feeling as though it is JUST another day. There is NO need to not live a higher level of abundance and success.

Why am I sharing this with you? I have been there and experienced the struggles. I now know that CLAIMING your life is your choice. I want to celebrate this day with having it be YOUR birthday. Give yourself the meaning of your life a NEW birth and move forward to Influence those around you, and begin to see yourself as the person you were meant to become – happy and successful!


An innovator and expert in the importance of image and influence in the courtroom and the business arena, Sara has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, NBC, CBS, BBC and KYW radio. She also has written on the impact of image for corporate America and in the Legal Intelligencer, Philadelphia Business Journal, Westlaw Journal, Legal Intelligencer and the Burlington County Straight Work. You will find her at her website: A Suitable Solution.

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Today is the Day!