Safe Surfing, 3 Ways To Halt Hackers

By on May 27, 2013

By Susan Stilwell –

surfing 001We’ve all seen messages along the lines of “I just won a FREE iPad — Click HERE to get yours!” Many of us are savvy enough to recognize these messages as spam, but as we get savvier, so do hackers.

In April, I shared 3 Easy Tips For Creating Secure Passwords and this month we’re looking at other simple precautions that can help keep you safe as you surf the web.

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Be Sure The Site Is Secure

Before you enter passwords or other sensitive information, check the URL (web address) bar for “https.” This means the information you enter on the site is protected by secure sockets layer (SSL) technology. Most online shopping and banking sites use this technology, which encrypts and protects your information, but it’s a good idea to glance up at the URL to be sure.

Be Safe At Home

Assign a password to your home wifi. Many routers will let you set up multiple accounts, so consider two wifi accounts in your home, especially if you have teenagers. One account can be for parents and the other for friends and family. Remember my advice about passwords and be creative!

Be Cautious With Public WiFi

It’s great for coffee houses and bookstores to offer free wifi, but a hacker using the same wifi can easily access your information. Anything you’ve pulled up in your browser is fair game: email accounts, social media, shopping, etc. It’s fine to surf the web and do research, but never shop or bank online using public wifi.

Unfortunately, nothing can keep you 100% hack-free, but developing safer surfing habits will help you keep hackers at bay.

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Safe Surfing, 3 Ways To Halt Hackers