Is It Time to Change-Up Your Workout Routine?

workout routine

Once you start your workout routine and you are getting the exercises down, you need to change your routine by working the same body parts with different exercises. Your body gets used to the repetition and you may hit a plateau and not experience the results you once did. If you’re faithfully exercising but your body doesn’t seem to be responding, it may be time to change up your workout routine! This is equally important when doing cardio. If all you do is walk on the treadmill, alternate and start doing the elliptical trainer or the bike. Change is always good and it really works when you are training!

Know your body clock before starting a new workout routine

This is the most important tip. Try to work out at the time you have the most energy. If you’re a morning person, work out early in the day. The reverse works if you’re a night person – train in the afternoon or evening. Working out while you have the most energy will yield the best results!

Try to do your weights workout first

Weight training should be done first because it’s a higher intensity exercise compared to cardio. Once again, it’s best to train when you have the most energy!

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Cardio exercise should be the last thing you do

Save your cardio for the end of your workout at the gym because it helps your body recover by increasing blood flow to the muscles and flushing out lactic acid, which builds up in the muscles while you’re weight training. It’s the lactic acid that makes your muscles feel stiff and sore.

Don’t forget to stretch after!

Stretching is just as important as cardio and resistance training. Your muscles will be better prepared to receive exercise when they’ve been properly stretched, plus it will help you avoid getting hurt. We don’t want that!

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Is It Time to Change-Up Your Workout Routine?
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