Thoughts & Musings on Being 50+

By on October 10, 2011

By Barbara Franzen –

I don’t know about you, but life has become different as I’ve “matured”, the nice way of saying, we’re older. These are some things I shared on Face Book and got a lot of response from and thought I would share them with you:

1. I no longer spend the time on vanity that I once did. If you see me out in my red shirt and orange shorts, stop and have a laugh with me, if time allows.

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2. If you wonder why I’m not browsing the down town stores as much as before it’s because I’m busy with my passions.

3. An advantage to being older is that my few extra pounds have given me a bit of a cleavage for the first time.

5. With my son  grown and living  away, I can run around the house in my P. J’s all day; when I do, it’s because I’m having so much fun that I don’t find the time to stop to dress.

6.  My regret: I wish I would have experienced this degree of inner-joy sooner, yet honestly, I think harmony, passion, and peace comes with age. I have those blue or lonely moments, but I’ve learned how to chase them away when they come. Sometimes it means taking time out to rest, doing my Bible study, making a gift basket for a friend, writing someone who needs encouragement, working on a short poem, or taking a walk. There are infinite things to do that that lead us to paths of joy. Creating and giving are my panaceas. We were each given our unique gifts.

I want to close with a little exercise that never fails to bring joy to me. It has to do with imagery and words. With summer past and fall in all its glory, try this: think of words that define the things you are experiencing or would like to experience. Write them out as though you see them in your mind. Here’s a couple that I’ve written down as I think about the fall and things I love about it:

Burning leaves, roasting hotdogs, making smores…. it’s a perfect night for a romantic book, a soak in the tub and a pumpkin spice candle.

Bundled up, in my chair, as I look outside and see the streams of sun light, and yet the breeze is cool, the air is crisp, as I set cozily with my cat in my lap taking in the beauty that surrounds me.

Barb Franzen is a prairie girl by heart- Over fifty she worked as a licensed child and adult therapist and ran her own private practice. Educated at the University of Nebraska and Seward Concordia with a Masters from Kearney State she was also a featured mental health speaker…earlier in life a United Stewardess. Married she is a first time grandmother who is pursuing a second career as a creative writer.

About Barb Franzen

Barb Franzen lives a prairie life in the Platte Valley of NB. A nature lover she is passionate about writing. Other interests include genealogy, mental health, reading and quilting-Her favorite thing is painting pictures with words and discovering out of the way haunts-A woman who lives outside of the box- You can find her at her blog at:

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Thoughts & Musings on Being 50+