Things That Can Make Aging Easier for Yourself or a Loved One

By on May 19, 2017
Things that can Make Aging Easier for Yourself or a Loved One

As people age, it can get to be difficult to perform the everyday tasks that make up so much of our lives. This could be things like climbing the stairs, making dinner, or even using a cell phone to make phone calls. We might not hear or see quite as well as we used to. We might have aches and chronic pain from things like arthritis. Here is a quick look at some of the things that we can get or do to make things just a bit easier. 

Cell Phones

We seem to have become a society that cannot function without having a cell phone. We use them on a daily basis for a hundred different things. Using smartphones or cell phones can be a bit difficult though when you can see the tiny numbers or icons on the screen, or if you are not over familiar with them. Enter Jitterbug. This phone makes it easy for you or your loved ones to stay in touch. It also can give those of us who are aging a way to always be able to call for help in the event of a fall or some other threatening occurrence. 

This flip phone has numbers that are large and easy to see, and even features an old school dial tone that will let you know that it is ready to be used. You can call an operator just by dialing 0 as in the old days and it even features a camera, so you can take pictures of the grandkids. It is even compatible with hearing aids.

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Staying Mobile

Did you know that it is super important for older people to remain mobile for just as long as they can? Surely you have heard that an object in motion has a tendency to stay in motion and an object at rest has a tendency to stay at rest. This holds true with people too. If you remain seated and don’t do anything, it will become harder and harder to have the ability to do anything. This is especially true with someone who has arthritis. There are exercises that you can do in order to retain the ability to get around. There are also pieces of equipment that can help with remaining mobile when you have arthritis. You can always use a treadmill because this is a piece of exercise equipment that is incredibly low impact. If you have arthritis in your hands, there are grips for the doorknobs, aids for turning the faucets and even reaching tools that can help you. You might be quite surprised at the number of aids out there for the aging population.

Coping with Failing Vision

Did you know that 30% of people over the age of 65 have at least some level of impairment to their vision? Did you also know that the most common chronic condition when talking about people over the age of 75 is cataracts? This means that it is a major issue. To aid aging parents or even ourselves, you need good lighting, especially in places where you do things like read, cook, or take medications. Bathrooms and stairways should also be well lighted. Aside from that, you can get things like thermometers, clocks, and other appliances that have large print or numbers on them. You might also think about keeping a magnifying glass handy. 


As we age, some of us might have a tendency to have a bit of trouble with remembering things. If this is the case with yourself or a loved one, there are things that can help. To remind people to take their medicines, there are electronic pills boxes that come complete with an alarm that will signal that it is time to take the medicine inside it. You can also get prescriptions filled at places like CVS that have bottles with timers on them. Telephones can be programmed with phone numbers so that you no longer need to remember the numbers for each person you call. You can also get appliances that have switches that will turn them off automatically after so long, and faucets that will automatically turn off the water.


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Things That Can Make Aging Easier for Yourself or a Loved One